austin wolf

You may have heard the news adult industry legend Austin Wolf is joining as the first exclusive for 2023! While this is exciting industry news, it begs an intriguing question. Will joining a studio making Austin Wolf more money than by creating his own content on OF? Personally, I am glad to see someone with a giant following return from OF “amateur” content return to studio porn. Austin embodies the man I love to see in gay porn. Athletically muscular, the Texan native, who stands 6’4 (swoon), has an immense resume since joining the industry in 2012. (Correct me if I'm wrong on that year.)

austin wolf
Notice the wedding ring ;). Austin recently proposed.

Fan or not, Austin Wolf has definitely made an impression in and out of the porn sheets. Austin once previously ranked as the number 1 gay porn star on Pornhub. He made quite an impact in pop culture by joining the mile-high club on a Delta flight. This man won the GayAVN award for Favorite Dom last year. And, while he has bottomed before, he has definitely made himself an ultimate top daddy in porn. It is important to note however, this isn’t the first time Austin has been an exclusive model to an adult site, having been exclusive with Falcon Studios and CockyBoys in the past.

Will Austin Wolf stay as a current top exclusive or will be bottom again on camera?

As currently states: “Cumming soon in a MEN exclusive! You love ripped, handsome, 6'4″ adult film icon Austin Wolf, and starting this year, there's only one place to find him: right here.”

The current video at is titled “Introducing Austin Wolf”, and while I appreciate the festivities, they should know we ALL know who Austin Wolf is at this point. There is no need for an introduction haha. 

There seems to be a mixed reaction to the news hitting the blogs in the past two days. Viewers are quick to point out that most of what we are going to see is him playing with his nipples. It is true that this is his thing, but didn’t know viewers were so annoyed by it! Regardless, I am excited to see Austin Wolf in a studio porn setting. 

austin wolf

Austin currently joins other exclusives including Johnny Rapid, Malik Delgaty, Diego Sans, Deangelo Jackson, William Seed, Matthew Camp, Beaux Banks, Joey Mills, Theo Brady, and Bo Sinn. 

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