You Heard It Here First!

Jake Burton hacked! This week, famed bodybuilder and DJ, Jake Burton (aka Stu from Sean Cody & Loki from Thunder Arena) became the latest target for online hackers and financial virtual thieves.

On Tuesday, Burton informed his fans via Instagram thieves hacked him to steal large amounts of money from various accounts including E-Trade, Venmo and OnlyFans. At one point, Burton was dealing with a 6 hour phone conversation with E-Trade, one of the many accounts a hacker was able to log into to sell stocks and transfer earnings from Burton’s account into the hacker’s.

How Did This Happen?

Burton believes the hacker was first able to log into his email account which allowed them to discover Burton had accounts with E-Trade, Venmo, OnlyFans and more. Hope this Jake Burton hacked story acts as a reminder to occasionally change your passwords and try to not have them all be the same. 

Who Is Jake Burton?

Jake Burton has always been a fan favorite for many who first saw him on sites like Sean Cody. Since then, he has grown into a successful IFBB Professional bodybuilder and competitor, fitness model and content creator on OnlyFans.

While I have not personally subscribed to his OnlyFans, many online reviewers state there isn't much sexual content on it besides nudity. A lover of music and rave scenes, Burton has also recently delved into music as djmutil8. Will make sure to check out his stuff, because I am a sucker for a “bro-y” hot DJ. 

His Adult Performer Days

Personally, I do miss him from his Sean Cody days. It's interesting to note Sean Cody has an annoying habit of removing older content. I researched the site for pics, but the site does not currently list Jake as a model on the site. (Editor's Note: Was Jake Burton hacked off of the site?? Not likely; it's something that team does. No idea why!)

Stu (R)

Updates as of 9am PST:

  • E-Trade – Company tracked the account behind the hacker allowing E-Trade to track and reverse the rogue transactions. Status pending. 
  • Venmo – Jake’s outgoing transactions are currently “pending” with those funds taken from his account. At the time of this article, his previous instagram story was gone but it seemed as though various different transactions of $100 were taken out. 
  • OnlyFans – No customer service phone number available. While Burton continues the investigation via email, he feels all his earnings are gone.