Joan Pradells

Young Stud, Joan Pradells

Ideally, I aim to always showcase nude talent. And particularly bodybuilders who have decided to show off their whole body for us to enjoy in the world of porn and online content creation. However, once in a while I’ll be inspired to highlight someone else. A bodybuilder who I pray one day makes his crossover from mainstream media to XXX content.

Today’s social media obsession: Joan Pradells Martinez. This young stud has quickly made an impact in the world of bodybuilding. And it was only a matter of time for my Twitter feed to show me his stuff. 

 Not only does Joan have traditional chiseled handsome looks, he loves to showcase his body and I am not complaining! In almost every video and photo I see of Joan, he carries a smile and cocky attitude as he flexes, tries on posing straps and practices poses for an upcoming bodybuilding competition. With constant social media updates on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more, he definitely wins this week’s social media obsession. Funny enough, Joan also wears an “obsessive” tattoo on his chest. Probably an indication of how he is going to leave all his admirers. 

How's Your Head?

I appreciate that while he is very sexy to look at, he has a great professional head on his shoulders. He just won his first pro bodybuilding competition a couple months ago at the 2022 NPC Worldwide Madrid Cup. He is also the creator and face of PBS Apparel. After traveling to the US he realized a need. A Spanish brand that created workout gear for professional athletes and bodybuilders in his home country. I am sure he will one day be one of the iconic great bodybuilders that will make history. But for now, I will be happy as long as he continues to pose in smaller and smaller posing straps while always getting bigger. 

At the young age of 23, he could still jump into the world of porn and be young, dumb and full of cum. Professionally, I can easily see him get as beefy and bulky as his friend Nick Walker both whom I wish would double penetrate me. 

Joan Pradells