So Elon now owns Twitter. Including adult Twitter.

Before, this came with an ounce of hope. Would porn be allowed? Could we have more freedom of speech? Might Twitter offices be immediately closing around the world and would all employees quit one week before the Holidays?

If you chose the last one, then congratulations you’re psychic. But what does that mean to us members of the adult content community that rely on Twitter? Time will only tell.

With the way it’s going, Twitter may not be a sustainable platform for long.

We use adult Twitter to share all of our porn updates with you and it would suck for it to all go away so quickly. For now, I wanted to make sure all readers of Muscle Service were aware of everything Muscle Service provides to keep you in the loop to all things muscle, gay sex, gay porn and a lot more. 

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Did You Know You Can Get an Archive of Your Twitter Account?


Twitter allows you to download an archive containing your tweets and other data. Whatever your thoughts about the social network, a backup is a good idea.

How to download an archive of your Twitter data –

Read the full article. [Editor's Note: And go ahead and request the archive. I requested mine this morning and will probably request an update each evening as well. –Ace]