So super-fuckable, adorable, mega-hunk, BigBeefXXX semi-regular, and advertiser Drako is now all over the place as Angelo Garcia, former Menudo member. I totally get wanting to pimp your latest album, ride the “Ricky Martin is gay (duh)” wave, etc, etc, etc, but someone just give us the official word on what we call this big boy, okay?! Our fine friends at have provided a nice free mini-gallery, which you can see HERE. Of course, to see the full on nudes, head over to

Note to the terrific team at first of all, thanks a million for all the great image updates you've sent over to us today, but someone is going a bit heavy-handed on Photoshopping the models' faces. Drako/Angelo has a great face and you guys have given him zero human skin texture in your images, and that's just not right. Please don't go the way of new Colt and turn all your hot models into Robotrons!