In looking up men or studios to feature here, I hit upon PornHub and was reminded of the side of porn I sometimes forget: the straight alpha male who has made an impact in porn. I know there are some gay men who prefer to exclusively watch Guy on Guy porn, but its 2021 and I’m here to celebrate all kinds of masculine alpha males that embrace their sexual prowess. And let’s be honest…. it’s so hot to see a straight guy really get into it while fucking. So here are 5 men that I love who were featured on the first page of PornHub’s Famous Male Pornstars and Models

And if you'll comment below to let me know these guys turn you on, I’ll keep this series going as long as I can continue to feature different men. There were some on page 2 of the PornHub listing that I know i’ll want to talk about. 

#5 Johnny Sins

Like he needs any introduction! Johnny Sins just oozes alpha male sex. He leaves every girl he fucks shaking in pure ecstasy and I'm not sure anyone has ever had to fake their orgasms with him. Sins has very much become a pop culture icon as “Everyone's favorite Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Astronaut, Plumber” etc. It's funny to hear how people know of him without wanting to say where they know him from. But, if you want to see him outside of just porn, you can purchase a personal shout on Cameo with video from him for $109 or chat with him for $3.99. Sounds a little pricey for me, but to each their own! 

#4 Nacho Vidal

Nacho Vidal has very clearly made an impact on the scene, truly just taking what he wants from his scene partner in every video possible. It looks like each scene is wrapped only when Nacho Vidal says he’s done. A powerhouse when it comes to fucking, Nacho Vidal is a staple in modern day porn and I am sure he will remain to entertain us for more years to come. And as an added bonus, he is also on Cameo — and for only $35. (But I think you may have to get it in Spanish.)

#3 Jason Luv

Standing at a tall 6’5″, Jason Luv to me is someone who has made a presence online as a sexy social media influencer who easily crosses over into porn.  His Twitter alone speaks for itself with 318.9 thousand followers and 225 thousand followers on Instagram. Clearly, I can’t be the only one who finds this man to be such an incredible alpha male — and you can take him home with the Jason Luv 10 inch Ultra Skyn Dual Density Cock! I will definitely have to try this out myself!

# 2 Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle is someone we have seen grow up in the industry from young muscle jock to daddy next door. He has been in videos since I can remember and appreciate the hot stud who will never lose his stamina and sex drive. Johnny has been in front of the camera for a number of studios engaging in both sex scenes and solo scenes! I feel like he rivals Johnny Sins in attempting to act in every profession in porn but he has also performed well with other men in the same scene including clips for Straight Guys for Gay Eyes (RIP)

#1 Alex Adams

Not going to lie, I was a bit surprised when Alex Adams came up as the first name listed due to his activity in gay porn but glad to know more viewers out there are embracing diversity in porn :). His Pornhub profile boasts 1.5 billion video views and 722 thousand subscribers! While his Pornhub profile does state he is interested in girls, Adams has been seen in bisexual POV movies that seem to be submited by him and studios like Kink Men, Pride Studios, Masquerade Men,, Gay Room, All Worlds Video and more. A true man on the bisexual spectrum and I congratulate him on being this week’s #1.

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