BigPJ Pig you ask? Ah, yes! BigPJ and I met for a shoot in New York in 2004 — hmmm… it I vaguely remember it was actually in 2003, I'm not 100% on the date. In a few minutes I will retrieve the disc with this shoot archived on it and see if there's a date. ANYWAY, no matter when it happened, we scoured NYC's shops over several days because he said he wanted to get some fun shirts to use. We finally discovered a store that maybe only had the brand that made this shirt — what was it called? Axxel or something? They were based in Seattle… if you know the brand name, please let me know in the comments or at @AceBannon — same if you remember this store from back then (in Chelsea, of course).

Well there's the name of the t-shirt company right there on the back of the shirt he's wearing in that 3rd picture. But I can't make heads or tails of it…

Anyway (again)… I dug out the disc with all of the photos from this NYC trip and saw that it's dated November of 2003 so that's when he decided to embrace his BigPJ pig side and let all of his fans' imaginations run wild! What does your imagination do with these photos?

And, by the way, where do you fall on the old “hairy or smooth” debate when it comes to BigPJ? I know a lot of you like only one or the other — either hairy BigPJ Pig or smooth BigPJ Pig — while a teeny tiny itsy bitsy few of us (or so it seems) gets off to both. If you only love one or the other and not both, let me know why that is — use the comments below to post your thoughts. (Does any body use comments on a website any more?)

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