Limited Release of New Special Edition Maximus Syn Trident and Prelude Enema Bulbs for Prostate Health & Wellness Month this September

HOUSTON, TX – Aneros®, the popular sexual health and wellness innovator, is excited to announce its newest creations, the ANEROS Blue Maximus Syn Trident Special Edition™ and the ANEROS Blue Prelude™ Enema Bulb Special Edition for the ANEROS Goes Blue Campaign Promotional kit. For industry professionals, more information on the promotional kit and where to order can be found below!

Aneros is thrilled to continue their annual partnership with ZERO® – The End of Prostate Cancer (, a charity focused on prostate health, education, and resources. A portion of the sales from the Blue Maximus Syn Trident and Blue Prelude Enema Bulb will be donated to the cause. The “Prostate Health and Awareness Special Edition” Blue Maximus Syn Trident marks the very first  release of a Maximus Syn, a new hybrid massager combining fullness and responsiveness with elegance and comfort in a specially minted blue medical grade silicone.

Last Year's Special Edition Toy from Aneros in honor of Prostate Health & Awareness

Editor’s Note: Aneros is kind enough to be sending yours truly the Blue Maximus Syn Trident to try so I will be following up with a personal review.

The limited edition Prelude Enema Bulb also comes in a blue medical-grade silicone and features a unique slow-flow one-way nozzle that introduces liquid gradually and comfortably, avoiding cramping and unhygienic backflow. Both these items were specifically created to bring more attention and awareness to Prostate and Testicular Cancer Awareness Month this September and help spread more information about prostate health with a focus on education, awareness, research, and support. Supplies will be limited for these Special Edition devices.

“For our 3rd Annual Aneros Goes Blue Campaign, we wanted to do something very special, so we are releasing our first ever Maximus Syn Trident.  Available in Men’s Health Edition blue, it will be offered along with the Blue Prelude Enema Bulb as limited edition items for the month of September. We are honored to continue this venture with our highly respected partner, the ZERO – End to Prostate Cancer charity. As a leader in the sexual health and wellness industry, we wanted to dedicate these new products to prostate health and awareness while providing support to an organization committed to the same causes. Ultimately, our goals are to provide more resources and assistance for people with prostate related challenges in order to live happier and healthier lives,”

Aneros Product and Business Development Manager Forrest Andrews

Aneros is widely known as the pioneer of handsfree prostate massage and for its original, best-selling line of sexually gratifying and “Super-O” inducing prostate massagers that offer additional benefits for erectile dysfunction (ED), relief from prostate complications, and more. For more information about Aneros products, visit

About the Promotional Kit:

This promotional kit will contain multiple special edition Blue Maximus Syn Tridents and multiple special edition Blue Prelude Enema Bulbs in honor of Prostate and Testicular Cancer Awareness Month this September. The kit also includes table tents and sign wobblers for shelves and counters for retailers to use as additional resources for prostate health education. Also included are Aneros tote bags, t-shirts, and lanyards for the retail staff and store, all colored blue to honor the blue ribbon of prostate cancer awareness. Those interested in pre-orders please contact or their preferred distributor.