Last week, we got to read part 1 of an erotic story written by bodybuilder MR. MUSCLEFLEX on what the future holds for 24 Hour Fitness. Now a place where men go to pump their muscles, cocks, and openly worship each other. We left off being introduced to Charlie Muscleflex the CEO of 24 Hour Fitness and now get to read how he got to making it the Muscle Worshipping gym it is today! Enjoy Part 2!


muscle worship


Charlie, when 24 Hour was just a regular gym, would find his way to watching hot muscle boys flexing, in the sauna or in the steam room. When everyone, at the same time, all are jacking their boned hard cocks. Charlie loved every second of it. He wanted a whole gym just like this, all the time, with activity like this happening everywhere in the gym. Since Charlie was a hot muscle boy, he could be in the shower room with these boys showing off and he would show off also, getting young guy after guy squirting hot cum all over the outside floor of the shower, leaving the shower wall all covered in Cum. 

Boys boned and pumped after a massive pumping of their muscles would see that hot Cum on the floor in front of the shower. Feeling that Cum on their feet as they step into the shower and seeing in front of them the most ripped, huge big cocks, young men just showing off. These pumped boys and men would get bigger boners knowing that all the hot men pumping in the gym area are now naked, boned and muscle flexing in the shower room. 

And also in the steam and sauna. All this and what he saw in the steam and sauna gave Charlie the idea that if 24 Hour Fitness went under, he would take over the club and make it the best, erotic, muscle worship, Cum squirting gym in the world.  And fuck yeah, he has done that.

His ads not only got all over the United States gyms, even some international gyms in Britain, Sweden, Germany. And he got emails from managers of gyms wanting to Cum to his gym, not only them, but bringing with them, the hottest boys training in their gyms to show them off as well as showing off themselves.


Charlie wanted to do something different for his opening of his new gym.  To pair up young and older muscle boys getting off on each other’s muscle growth, bicep peaks, pecs and the special chosen boys with huge massive cocks and incredible Cum squirters.

In the gym, Charlie knew the hottest boys to choose from. This would take place in the huge sauna. He chose that to get all the young men sweating which would show off their bicep peaks, pecs, nips and especially abs incredibly well. Since he had been in that sauna many times seeing so many hot young ripped muscle boys gorgeous muscles look even more ripped and bigger in that hot lighting.  


muscle worship

On opening day more than 150 boys and men showed up for the muscle worship event of the year. Many showed up wearing tight revealing tank tops and shorts.  Some in tank tops and just a jock and shoes.  

A couple of the hottest trainers wearing a tank and a jock that couldn’t hide their big boners (most of their cocks popping out of the top of the jock or below almost the whole thick hard cock pointing down their massive legs (pre-Cum dripping down the leg) as they got all these muscle and Cum hungry boys into order to get the event started.  

The ones not participating and just going there to pump their muscles and get into hot muscle worship were already in the club.  All those boys, super pumped as fuck watching the boys paired up licking, sucking, flexing, as they all jack off, getting into the hot muscle sex as the boys showing off, the young boys and older preparing to squirt gallons of Cum on other muscle boys, boys faces, bicep peaks, and on smooth hot big pecs.  

Usually in the gyms they have football games or basketball games, baseball, the usual straight boys stuff on the TV monitors in the gym.  Not on these monitors.


Charlie got hours and hours of the hottest muscle sex, muscle flexing, Cum squirting on hot pumped muscle. So during your pump flexing, you can look at the monitor and see so much muscle flexing & Cum, you will get boned up during your muscle pumps. This will make you more eager to get to the steam or sauna or even the locker room to show off with a boner. 

You will have a few young men squirting hot Cum on your 22” bicep that they lick that dripping Cum from that bicep as a hot huge muscle boy licks his own bicep and boy after boy kisses him sharing that muscle building Cum that had just squirt from big cocks of those gorgeous muscles.

This young hot boy gets hot Cum squirting on his biceps, pecs, legs and cock, and he gets bigger and bigger.  Fuck to see him flex his biceps with 6 or 7 hot young muscle boys squirting geysers of Cum on them. And then these hot boys lick it all off, Oh Fuck!!

I got to see some hot muscle and cum with my video camera as I passed by our gym shower room. All 3 got me super boned, especially the big massive boy squirting cum on that super massive bicep. I jacked off in the sauna with hot muscle boys after seeing this hot cum squirting) 

See the pic below of Dan, our biggest hottest muscle boy into our hot muscle boys who Cum to our gym. I licked that Cum from his massive flexed bicep. The amount of protein and the hardness of that huge bicep peak, oh fuck!


Our reviews have been great.                                                                                    

5 ***** fuck yeah!!  Our customers love our gym!!!!

Hi  My name is Johnny and I’ve been to many gyms, and since cumming to this gym, pumping with the hot muscle trainers, now I’m not only ripped, and all the boys see me as hot and being a massive bodybuilder, from all the protein and all the powders for huge muscle pumps and my doing some steroids also.  But at the original 24 Hour Fitness, after my huge pumps, and seeing so many young ripped boys wearing skimpy tank tops and shorts that I can see their cocks (I’m 28 years old) after getting so huge and sweaty, I’d go in the shower and steam, and it's boring.  Guys have towels on but no one looks or shows off. Nothing. 

Then a friend told me about this 24 Hour Fitness that has some of the best muscle worship and Cum squirting anywhere. I asked him “are you serious?” And yeah, he told me he went there and never saw so many hot muscle boys and Cum squirting, Even at the most popular Bathouse.  He told me that since I’m a muscle and Cum fanatic,  Fuck, he said “man, you have to go. I did go and the entrance to the gym got me a huge boner. 

First place I went before the locker room was the weight room. It is huge and more machines, cables, fuck, more than I have ever seen in any other gym. I looked and saw so many hot boys and men. I went to the locker room and saw so much muscle worship, sucking and so much more, but I want to pump before going back to the locker room. I went back to the gym area. Well let me tell you, in the weight room I saw so many guys looking at me after I did a set of biceps or pecs. I could see from all the mirrors in the weight room how big I was and I got a growing boner.  

But what really got me was in the steam room. Must have been over 30 hot young muscle boys & older pro muscle boys in there. I went in for only 10 minutes, but my muscles being so pumped, I’m really horned from such a hot pump, fuck, I had so many guys licking my biceps and pecs, and fuck, so much hot cum that these young boys who squirt like fuckin geysers all over my pecs, face and biceps, I would have to take a short break, then go back in and get some more. I’ve been going now for a month, 6 days a week, they are open 24 hours. I've gone on a Saturday night at midnight and pumped my muscles and then hit the steam and sauna till 6 am, covered in Cum, and even I squirt huge streams of Cum 5 or 6 times. I love this gym. Referring it to all my pro muscle boys and friends, fuck, I’d give this gym 10 stars!!!

With a hard boner and cumming back tomorrow – JOHNNY

That’s just one review. We have hundreds more and are all positive.

Keep your cock hard cause 24 hour fitness/the muscle worship gym part 3 is cumming soon.  More muscle, more huge gorgeous cocks, more massive geysers like squirting of hot cum that muscle boys love.  See you soon!