Sadly, we report that muscular daddy and pornstar Bo Dixon aka Thom Austin has passed away this week. As many of you may have seen on social media, reports of his passing were first announced on his IG account, shared by Brad his partner.  

While his activity in porn was short, reportedly less than five years and between 2005-2008, Thom Austin quickly made an impact in the industry that many could rival. Austin was part of my sexual awakening, re-instilling the passion I have I have for bodybuilders and daddies. His bearish muscular frame will live on as a legacy to those that have contributed to gay porn history.

Bo Dixon was a former Colt Model working with studios like Hot House Entertainment. Under what we can assume is his birth name, Thom was a rarity in the gay porn world being both a professional competing bodybuilder and on-screen stud.  

Since first seeing the IG post, the announcement has been removed and reports of the account being gone have been noticed. His account being missing leads me to hope his account has been hacked and this may be a lie, but we do respect the privacy and well-being of his close ones should the decision be due to privacy.