Having covered studios like Blue BlakeCatalina, Jimmy Z Productions, BG Enterprise, Muscle Mafia and more, it is only fair we cover another studio especially when they are basically giving away some porn classics. Currently, the site has ALL titles available for only $5 bucks. Now is your chance to get some of those classic SX Video to add to your porn collection and make the ultimate decision: do you get that $5 Starbucks coffee, or do you get your hands on some iconic movies before they are stripped from the internet?

During the studio's hay day, SX Video featured many great actors including Danny Lopez, Armond Rizzo, Adam Russo, Shay Michaels, Josh Weston, Juan Steel, Adam Mansfield, Antonio Palucci, Eric York, Marc West and the iconic duo Jeff Palmer and Flex-Deon Blake. Check out some editor's choices of scenes and movies below!

Bareback Me Please! 4

Bareback Me Please 4! puts something I love to watch in action: size difference between a beefy hot top and a smaller submissive bottom. Here, we get icons Shay Michaels and Adam Russo use Armond Rizzo like the hole he is. As the site desribes:

“Hugh muscle man, Shay Michaels, wants his turn with Armond Rizzo. Shay loves deep dicking Armond and fucks him like a rag doll. Picking him up and using him as he sees fit until he shoot a creamy load in Armond's muscle ass.”

SX Video

Barebacking With Jeff Palmer Vol. 2

YES YES YES! I cannot tell you how many times I've watched this scene. Jeff Palmer is my spirit animal in this scene as a horny bottom who luckily gets fucked hard by icon Flex-Deon Blake after using his dildo to open him up. Recommend 10/10

“After a quick shower, Jeff develops an itch up his ass that he thinks can only be scratched by the Jeff Palmer dildo. That is until Flex Deon Blake shows up with his rock-hard rectal ripper. Jeff has wanted to do a scene with Flex for a while and it really shows. He gives up his gorgeous ass to Flex with enthusiasm. It ends with an internal cumshot and plenty of sweet manjuice oozing from Jeff’s ripe hole.”

SX Video

Real Men Have Hair

If you know me, I am a sucker for a muscular daddy to knows he's an alpha male. “Real Men Have Hair” gives us daddy Marc West using both and Patrick Ives as submissive men for him to use.

“Dominik Rider, who has one of the sweetest asses in town, and burly Patrick Ives are making out. Hairy daddy Marc West comes in and makes the bottoms his boys.”

SX Video

Simple, straight to the point but that first scene is fire!

Bodybuilders Bareback

This movie clearly caught by attention by its title alone. Not only is Josh Weston looking like a built limbo ready to be used, but the movie introduces Antonio Palucci a rare actor in the world of muscle gay porn. Wish we saw more of him!

“Josh Weston makes his bareback debut in Scene 1. Looking all ripped and toned, Josh shows straight guy Aidyn Michael a good time by giving him head and then spreading his jock-strapped hot ass for Aidyn's fattie. Aidyn pounds away and has Josh growling and moaning like a beast.”

SX Video

“Super fit Antonio Palucci opens Scene 4 with classic muscle posing. Morgan Archer likes what he sees and blows Antonio's big meat before sitting on it. Antonio works up a major sweat.”

SX Video

Straight Men Fucking

STRAIGHT MEN FUCKING. Can we ask for more. This movie made me want to get fucked by someone like Adam Mansfield so bad! Featured on the cover (standing to the left), Adam can also be seen in “Bodybuilders Bareback”.

“Scene 3 features two studly newcomers: Adam Mansfield and Maximo De Leon. Both are dark and delicious with tattoos covering their big, well-muscled bodies. Maximo asks if Adam wants a taste of some man ass. Apparently he does because he fucks Maximo into a moaning pile of bottom joy. It is muscle men going for the fucking prizefight.”

SX Video

Sleaze 2

If you watched porn in the late 90's then you easily recognize Eric York aka Pete Finland. Eric has made a comeback on Twitter and am glad he is looking as good as ever!

“Butch Eric York and Tony Serrano start scene 4 by making out for a bit. Eric is soon on his knees deep throating Tony's big piece like it is the last cock he'll ever get. Once he is warmed up, Tony takes control of Eric's meaty ass, eating it and then splitting it wide open. He later cums a mighty load in Eric's mouth and then eats it back out, spooge swapping with his bottom.”

SX Video

Bareback Club

To wrap up this list, I had to feature “Bareback Club”. This movie features Gianni Luca, Danny Lopez, and the beefy looking Juan Steele. I don't remember Juan Steele doing anything outside of SX Videos, but the site describes him as a porn legend.

“Porn legend Juan Steel and well-endowed newcomer Ty visit the SX Video studios to feed the cock-craving Gianni Luca's ass just what it needs….The two tops begin undressing Gianni and Ty is the first one to bend him over, slapping his perfect huge pink dick around his ass before plunging it in his tight hole, while Gianni continues to gag away on Juan's long swollen man-sword. Juan finally feels it's his turn to have his way with Gianni, so he pulls out of the bottom's mouth and stuffs his girthy cock into his ass, making him scream loudly…Juan is the first to shoot, exploding his thick milk all over Gianni's hole and then fucking some of the cum into his ass but leaving some there for Ty to shove in with his dick. Ty then shoots an extra large load of his own, fucking it into Gianni's ass to mix with Juan's. Gianni sweating with exhaustion, then lies back on the desk and jerks his rod until he shoots his semen all over his stomach.”

SX Video

As mentioned, the same movie features Danny Lopez who has an ass to die for, his pic speaks for itself. (Totally jealous here).

“In this scene Kirby Thomas returns to SX Video with a craving for Danny Lopez and his perfect bottom-ass. The scene starts off with Kirby offering up his thick dick to Danny's mouth, which he gags up and down on hungrily…until Danny insists Kirby bends him over the bed and begins to taste his ass with his wet tongue. Soon enough…he crams as much raw dick up Danny's ass as possible and starts thrusting away with Danny face down on the bed.”

SX Video

The site had such a long description for this scene, but I rather you watch to find out what happens!

Interested in getting some DVD's check their website! Let me know if there were any other scenes you absolutely love.