Rogan Richards and Skippy Baxter know the score. Sometimes you just like to watch. Now put yourself in the room with them while they fuck:


I'm pretty sure we all know what happens next. Just in case you're scratching your head and wondering, here. The Press Release Fairies have you covered:

If you follow ROGAN you would know his partner in crime, SKIPPY BAXTER. His best mate, lover and FUCK BUD all in one SEXY ASS WHITE MUSCLED JOCK package. ROGAN has been quoted saying that SKIP is the “Best root down under!” Now a Raging Stallion exclusive, SKIPPY is about to show the world why.

ROGAN RICHARDS and SKIPPY BAXTER come home after a night on the town and they are FKIN horny. Truth be told, these two men are always horny for each other. It's incredible how much they can't get enough of each other. Their naked sweaty bodies slamming up against one another. After 3 years of fucking every chance they can they’re still not satisfied! And the sex just gets better every time.

It doesn’t take long for the two to take off their pants, and before SKIP can ever get his top off ROGAN shoves his cock into SKIP’S mouth. Soon, he slams his hungry thick throbbing cock up SKIPS hungry hard tight white bubble butt. When ROGAN fucks SKIP he’s on a mission to show SKIP why he’s his man and why he owns that ass. No holding back – pure animalistic – fucking.

SPOTLIGHT is the sixth film ROGAN and SKIP have made together, the earlier films are all coming soon exclusively to with dirty and exciting surprises! – SKIPPY SEX TAPES VOLUME SIX. SPOTLIGHT

You've seen the lead-up. Now we get to the in-room action: