Talk about a tag team! Two of the hottest fitness models have been brought together for pure enjoyment.

You may remember Sean if you have seen my NuBreed 2 Montreal DVD that was released about 3 years ago. At the young ripe age of 23 years in the NuBreed 2 video – he was just on the verge of being discovered by many adoring fans.

The response we had to Sean was nothing short of amazing! After seeing NuBreed 2 – the viewers wanted more. Sean went on to do a ton of fitness modeling including several fitness magazine covers. However, Nubreed 2 was his only nude JO video. That is, until now…

That’s right – Sean is back and he’s bigger and better than ever before. And just to add some more icing to this delicious cake – we decided to team him up in Part 1 of our HOT duo feature video with another member favorite…Jason Barker!