Sergeant Miles and Skyy Knox

Here's Sergeant Miles and Skyy Knox in a scene that would do Vickie Edie proud; these two would fit right in with her act, I'm sure. But, as she might say, nevamindallthat, let's get to the good gay muscle porn stuff, shall we?

Gotta say a few things here. First of all, hello Sergeant Miles! Secondly, this all seems wildly over-produced–very “Cirque du So Gay” ifyaknowwhatImean. But hey, as long as they're having fun and making a dollar, no one's getting hurt and we can go on with the show… “featuring Sergeant Miles and Skyy Knox!”

This is the perfect kind of “film” for the PR Fairies to really spin their magic:

In ‘Get Lit', the sexual play space of the not-so-far-off future has evolved into spectacular setting where the sex is extraordinary. Take a journey into the ultra-modern, sleek sex club with stunning men who take fucking to another level. Let your fantasies unwind with hard bodies, stiff cocks and deep assholes, enjoying sex with added dimensions and acrobatic intensity. Nick Foxx directs this neo-sexual feast starring the horny men of Hot House in ‘Get Lit'. This erotic setting and its youthful inhabitants swallow dick, eat ass, and fuck in a whole new way. Sergeant Miles reams Skyy Knox's throat with his massive cock before destroying Skyy's gaping asshole. In the end, Sergeant delivers a load and slathers Skyy with sperm. There's no stopping the studs of ‘Get Lit' in their raunchy sex club where anything goes. Put on your favorite gear, grab your cock, and ‘Get Lit' letting these sex-crazed muscle hunks show you around their lair.

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