bulge: /b?lj/ noun

  1. a rounded swelling or protuberance that distorts a flat surface.

Here at Muscle Service, you know we love to see it all! From full on gay sex and hot man-on-man action, to classy nude pictorials of muscular men, we proudly worship the alpha male. Personally, I really love it when a professional competing bodybuilder shows off his whole body for us to admire and worship all the work that he has put into his career. And while there are many who have competed on stage and filmed x-rated content on their free time, there are those that have yet to bare it all and its killing me!

Today, I am here to talk about those teases. Men with huge a bulge who flaunt it on stage, in photos, in the gym but have yet to let us see what is in their pants.  Here are a few, but if there are more I’d love to hear from you!

Rico Lopez Gomez

The first on today’s list is Rico Lopez Gomez and cheers to those who know this man in person. From his social media, the German / Cuban bodybuilder seems to have a great spirit, positive attitude and I am sure it comes from his beautiful inviting manly bulge. Not only is his wife one lucky son a bitch, it's funny to watch others in the gym try not to point out the massive bulge that is in his shorts. Is it huge balls? A thick cock? Both?! I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. 

Nivenb aka InfinityNokia

Comparable to Rico Gomez, Nivenb aka InfinityNokia has a bulge that I would want to see unfold. Not much is known on the fit daddy — hence the nicknames — but his Instagram posts suggest he works out in Washington DC at DMV Iron Gym. If anyone knows more about him or knows him in person, make sure to send him my article. We’d love to speak with him lol. 

Pitchai Kusuwan

Another discovery on social media, Kusuwan is someone who is thick in the all the right places. I am SURE Kusuwan loves to flaunt his bulge when he is in and out of the gym. I mean, in the gif above you can tell how giddy he is to show have that dong swing! Even in this Twitter clip below, his friend is joining in on the fun of pointing out the elephant trunk in the room. 


Dectric Lewis

If you have ever googled “Dectric Lewis nude”, “Dectric Lewis bulge” or “Dectric Lewis penis” then we can be friends. Lewis did open an OnlyFans which led us to think we would be getting what we’ve always wanted, but it only seems to have a small number of posts that hasn't been updated in months. If anyone was ever a subscriber, let me know how the content was. For now though, I was able to find only one clip out there that's giving us what we want and I’m happy to see it’s both a huge cock and huge balls!