Imagine my surprise and delight to find this mobile-friendly clip from the hard core classic, “Nothin' Nice,” buried deep in the archives of ClubInfernoDungeon.com! The one and only Bull Stanton teams up with Blue Blake and sets the screen on fire in this one.

Even the work the PR Fairies did back then seems special, somehow…

Blue Blake is tinkering with a car engine in a dirty garage. Filthy Bull Stanton bends him over the hood and begins eating Blake's ass through his overalls. Stanton pulls off Blake's clothes for better access to the stud's hole, then removes his own dirty t-shirt, revealing his massive muscular body. The goliath Stanton bends over, allowing Blake to spread his maximus gluteus and dine at his moneyhole. Blake takes out his big, beefy cock and feeds his foreskin to Stanton. Stanton returns the favor before pulling Blake on to his lap for some nipple-biting, armpit-licking action. The musclemen sixty-nine, but when you see the Crisco come out, you know one of the giants is in for a fist full of fun. Blake fits the bill and Stanton gets off watching him take a superhero-sized plastic cock. Things get a little more mechanical when Stanton jams a metal grease gun up Blake's pucker. After getting filled with grease, Blake makes a visit to Bull Stanton's butthole. Stanton squats while Blake gobbles, even letting Blake slip a finger of two between his mounds of assflesh. With a finger up his ass, Bull Stanton can't control himself. He jerks his knob until it threatens to erupt all over Blake's face. Instead, Stanton saves his load for Blake's ass, creaming all over the gorgeous cheeks. Exhausted, the two men collapse into a puddle of sweat, grease, muscle and semen.

Enjoy the clip, and if you've been looking to get the whole shebang online, now's the time to join ClubInfernoDungeon.com, while they are running a 50% OFF SALE through Thanksgiving weekend!

[jwplayer config=”480×360″ mediaid=”4549″]

A Few Updates….

So I Tweeted this today (um, basically 10 years after this article first appeared and 22 years after I took this photo of Chris Duffy — the same Bull Stanton Nothin' Nice dude:

This got a LOT of attention on Twitter!

So I thought I'd add a bit more, including one of the photos I took of him in the series with a giant dildo, seen below.

Bull Stanton Nothin Nice (Hell Yes, but Here's Even More)

(be sure to click on this video below, too…)