Before I get into my rant about TikTok censorship I will start by saying I LOVE TikTok. Admittedly, I spend a lot of time on the platform. There are days when I wake up and watch videos for too long before I get started with my day. Arguably, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years, with millions of users worldwide. However, one of the most annoying aspects of using the app is its strict censorship policy. TikTok is known to censor videos that contain even the slightest hint of nudity, but what happens when a video is censored for no reason at all?

TikTok censorship

Going Viral

I opened an account with TikTok reflecting my porn journalistic personality in the summer of 2022. Since then, I dabbled with playing with filters and formats and discovered the fun it is to post edited clips of studio porn without showing anything x-rated. For example, my post of a Billy Herrington clip from “Tales from the Foxhole” instantly went viral. Well, mini-viral. To date, it has received 135k plays with 22.8k likes. Check it out below.

This made me want to do more with TikTok and instantly after putting up the second video, it was taken down because it was “a violation of Community Guidelines.” Classic TikTok censorship.

TikTok Censorship? You Be The Judge!

I call bullshit. Below, you can watch the video in its entirety and tell me if it pushed the limit of adult content. Sure it is gay content, it has Zeb Atlas of porn fame, and it doesn't take a scientist to know where the scenario was headed. But how many times have you seen thirst trap videos that show way more only to show up on your FYP over and over?

The clip is merely an edited scene of a much older video of Atlas being worshiped by somebody admiring his muscles. And of course, I edited out part of the scene that I deemed to be inappropriate for social media. I know people under 18 may try to take a peek at some content even when the profile states 18+. However, having taken all that out, I was still surprised that it violated community guidelines. I always wonder, did somebody actually report me or was it the TikTok censorship police monitoring posts incorrectly? This can be incredibly frustrating for users like me who spend time creating content only to have it unreasonably censored. I apologize to Ace for submitting my articles late because I decided to edit a video in the AM. [Note from Ace: No apology needed!]

With My Thanks

I do want to thank everyone who watched what I’ve posted so far and see who is following me. In checking out who I’m following, I noticed other accounts have already been completely banned. Like Sean Cody’s official TikTok which they previously used to relaunch an appearance by Stu aka Jake Burton. So TikTok censorship is on its way to content bans mimicking Twitter and Instagram.

Not sure if I should move forward with adding more contact and see what happens. What do you think? Should I give it a go one more time? Or do you think it’s going to alert TikTok and put me under a microscope? You tell me!