Have you ever cum while fantasizing about how it would feel to join the mile-high club? Fuck a hot pilot or a flight attendant you eye fuck on the plane? Well, I have fantasized about how hot it would be to jump aboard an all-male flight. One hosted by bodybuilders, muscular men, and hot men tending to your every in-flight need. Immediately, I knew this could be a job for Mr. Muscleflex and his muscular creative juices! Our resident erotic fan fiction author came up with the story below. A story where we meet two bodybuilders Charlie and James ready to take the flight of their lives!

Check out Pt. 1 of a short story he created for Muscle Service on a Bodybuilder Centric Airline.

“Where our planes hit the highest peaks, and our muscle attendants have the highest bicep peaks.”

Welcome to our aircraft that comes for you and our hot-as-fuck bodybuilders and muscle men Cum on you and with you!!!

“Cum fly with us”

Charlie and James were at the gym as usual. They both go 6 days a week, sometimes the whole week. Charlie is 20 and James is 18. They both have been pumping muscle for quite a while and the boys in the gym sure know it.

But this day, this pump is gonna be different. They are going on a flight like no other.

As Charlie is doing his huge bicep curls on the curl machine, he notices a newspaper on the floor. After his huge pump, he picks up the paper, which happens to be a gay bodybuilder paper called “The Muscle Cum News”. As he looks through it, he sees pics of ripped massive bodybuilders with amazing peaks on their biceps, gorgeous pecs, and huge erect cocks. But what really got his attention (and gave him a huge boner) was the following announcement:


Take The Plane Ride Of Your Life! We Are Going To Fly From LA To Paris In Muscle Worship Fashion Like No One Has Ever Done Before!!!

Ride with us, and you will be on one of the biggest learjets with close, side-to-side comfortable seating, video monitors, showing nothing but hot muscle porn! A weight room in the friendly skies for pumping muscle. And a whole fleet of stewards and hosts that are ripped as fuck!

Request service from hot massive pro bodybuilders with gorgeous muscles! With our award-winning, jock strap only uniforms! Everyone on our crew is a current or former pro bodybuilder, with over 20 young men with massive huge cocks ready to squirt hot geysers of cum to give all our customers their much-needed protein for muscle building.

to reserve a seat call: 310-555-6969

Or text: MusclecumNflight.com

Tickets are going fast. Don’t delay!!!


Charlie immediately called and got tickets for a flight that was leaving in only 1 hour. He told James about this flight and booked him a seat for the same flight.

James loved the idea! They both went home to pack and headed to the airport as fast as they could for that amazing muscle worship flight cumming soon. When they got to the airport they saw the sign for TRANS-MUSCLE and the boner in their pants started getting stiff. They were still in their tank tops, skimpy white shorts which they knew would be perfect for what this flight could bring.

As they got to the gate, they saw standing in line other hot muscle men. Some just wore a jock, and t-shirts with short shorts showing off their huge cocks and massive legs. Charlie and James knew this was gonna be the hottest flight ever.

When they got inside they were greeted by their host, a young 19-year-old who was so incredibly ripped. He took their ticket and told them which seats to take. Surprisingly, they were seated in the middle of the cabin. “That’s a perfect place to be for the huge orgy that will be going on for the whole flight,” they thought. Unless you're in the weight area pumping, or in one of the bathrooms for some one-on-one action with the muscle man of their dreams, Charlie and James knew they wanted to be in the middle of the orgy.

On board James and Charlie, they saw the kind of muscle boys they get off on. Like huge black ripped bodybuilders, ripped younger bodybuilders, massive pro major event bodybuilders, and they were boned as fuck seeing all the flight attendants that walked around wearing only jockstraps who flex their gorgeous bicep peaks, smooth pecs and nips that really needed to be licked and equally serviced.

Shortly, once everyone was on board, the pilot of the plane spoke on the speaker system. With a strong, masculine deep voice, he said:

“Good afternoon you hot muscle boys”. “This is your big muscled ripped Pilot and to you gorgeous muscle men, WelCum to TRANS-MUSCLE AIRLINES”

“Please buckle up for take-off”. After the plane is in-flight, feel free to unbuckle and TAKE OFF EVERYTHING!

Soon, once they were at a high enough altitude, the muscle orgy began!

“Your captain speaking, wanting to let you know that the main cabin you are in is called “THE COCK PIT”

Yes, welcome to the hot muscle Cock pit!

“I will be joining you soon to flex, lick hard bicep peaks, and hard pecs, fuck the hottest most gorgeous asses in the sky, and squirts all that muscle building Cum that I love so much. Thank you for boarding TRANS-MUSCLE AIRLINES. Please: Pump-flex-Cum!”

Charlie and James still had their blood flowing from their major pump workout that day and they started flexing as they saw all through the plane some really hot young men kissing, licking biceps, and more!

There is one steward that Charlie likes and motions him to Cum over. He does and was ordered to do a double bicep flex. He’s not huge but has amazing bicep peaks that Charlie loves. He then pulls down the attendant's jock and starts licking and sucking his huge cock. James starts licking the attendant’s nips and pecs and quickly sees all the guests all around the plane doing the same. Hot deep kissing, licking muscle, hot fucking, nothing but hot muscle sex!

Cum back for Pt 2!