For every older, grainy (but still hot!) mobile video I'm posting, I'll do my best to post at least one new clip–like this one of Max Hilton. He's a big ‘ol mountain of inked-up muscle who doesn't mind showing his stuff to all the guys, as this video clearly shows (tip of the hat to for always rounding up the BigBeef!). He's got the moves, and he's got that big lower lip that likes to jut out while he jacks off… what's not to like about all of that?

Here's what those ever-intrepid PR Fairies have to say about Max:

Daytime: Club Exterior. New Leatherman Max Hilton is standing by waiting to show you his moves. Tough, compact, built like a pit bull and ready to rumble, leather muscleman Max sees you coming and coolly appraises whether or not you're worth his time. He knows you can appreciate that masculine bubblebutt encased in leather pants. And he can see you love his ripped, razor-sharp abs. And sure, he looks forward to standing over your stupid face while he whips around that big engine of his. Before he gets started, though, you need to follow his rules. It's simple: he leads. You follow. Got it? Good.

Methinks the PRFs might've been listening to vintage Bette Midler when they wrote the end of that promo copy…

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