I've always liked Chris Wide's look and always lamented what new Colt does to turn all their models into generic overly Photoshopped messes like the infamous Colt Robototron-2000. So I looked through dozens of available images of Chris to try to find something worth posting here.

And, finally, I found this one. He's clearly in the throes of cumming from being fucked by — or, more accurately, riding the cock of — Carlo Masi. It would be hard for the geniuses at new Colt to Photoshop him to the degree they like to and not lose some of that expression of lust and ecstasy. For a gallery of this shoot, CLICK HERE.

chriswide2 So I got wise and started looking for more shots of Chris while in that special moment of orgasmic release thinking those are going to be the most difficult to fuck up Colt Robototron-2000-ize. Sure enough, from this gallery of Chris with Jake Andrews (who, pardon the interruption, except for that awful longer hair looks slammin!) I was able to obtain another remarkable shot of Chris.

Finally and ultimately I discovered a whole new Colt gallery of Chris that seems to be more or less untouched by the Photoshop fiends. It almost looks like something Jim French might have produced for COLT back in the day. The large image at the top of this post is one from that shoot. See more HERE.