When last we met, we'd made it through the wilderness… we really made it through… No, sorry, we'd only made it through this description from KristenBjorn.com of Wild Attraction, Parts 1 & 2. Lucky us, there's another hot trailer after you make it through all the text that the press release fairies have cooked up–if you didn't read it the first time. Oh, and my favorite part of the description still is where “Sweet Revenge” gets spelled “Sweat Revenge”! That's the best kind of revenge!

Wild Attraction, Part 1&2

Synopsis Wild Attraction 1&2 have four stories interwoven throughout both parts:

Sweat Revenge

What would you do if your ex boyfriend decided to seduce all of your tricks? Maikel and Pau begin a sexy game full of revenge, hidden cameras, anonymous packages… Anything goes as long as they achieve their own hot goals. They say that love and hate are one step away from each other, but… Is it possible to take a step back?

The Gift

How would you like to know how it feels to be fucked by your own cock? Alex and Rob share two passions; basketball, and Sergio's cock. They are so grateful to him that one day they decide to give him… a very welcome surprise.

Dark Obsession

Two extremes meet, and when that occurs, anything can happen. Lucio, alias ¨The Fucker¨ is an anti-system graffiti artist who leaves his mark on works of art in museums all over Europe. Jalil was once a mercenary soldier, but he is now does art restoration. Art is the one thing that can calm his violent nature. For two years he has been on Lucio's trail, and the day he finds him, his revenge will have no limits, until finally… ¨The Fucker¨ will be fucked!


Adrián is happy sharing his bed with strangers. However, he has one strict rule; to never fall in love. All that changes when when two lovers enter his life. David and Adai are completely different from each other, but each one drives him wild in his own way. He knows that sooner or later he will have to make a decision, and choose just one, but… Which one will he pick? Adrian knows how to share his bed, he has done it many times, but… what about his heart?

Part 1 Cast: Scott Carter, Maikel Cash, Pau Casserras, Tomas Friedel, Sergio Serrano, Alex Brinsky, Rob Nelson

Part 2 Cast: Scott Carter, Maikel Cash, Pau Casserras, Tomas Friedel, David Dirdam, Adai Sharif, Adrian Toledo, Jalil Jafar, Lucio Saints, Rudolf Schneider, Miro Mendel

Format: Widescreen DVD

Filmed in HD: Strongboli, Carlos Caballero

Director: Stongboli Studio: Sarava Productions

Running time: 2 hours (Part 1), 2 hours 10 minutes (Part 2)

Extras: Wild Attraction, Part 1 Preview, Wild Attraction, Part 2 Preview, Cumshot Review, Photo Gallery