Jumping into the third week of the New Year I want to ask all of our readers…how is that New Year’s resolution treating you? If you’ve been good, then certain habits should become less and less challenging. I read somewhere it takes about 21 days to build a habit and hopefully, good habits are being formed. If you’ve given up, hey there's always tomorrow and who cares? Haha.

Well, to keep us motivated, I asked a few of our favorite men and content creators what their New Year's resolutions are. Let us know what your resolutions are and hopefully, these examples below keep you on track. 

January is almost over, but the year is nowhere near started! Cheers again to 2023! 

Our Muscular Studs

NND aka Swolverine

“Resolution is to gain 15 lbs of muscle and reduce my BF by about 2%… this would put me at about 200 lbs and 6-7% BF”


Big AJ

“Pack on 5 kg of lean mass”

Spanishhulk aka AMiNoMeDaria

“My top resolution is to get as big as possible”

Our Artistic Lovers


‘To make my art better, to get more muscular, to get a boyfriend lol”


“My top resolution this year would be to make more sexy super daddy comics”



To take more time with my art & not try to rush stuff or put pressure on myself!!

Mr Gruts

“My new years resolution would be to work smarter. I'm often getting lost in details which people don't notice. I need to try and stand back, look at the bigger picture and figure a plan of attack on a piece and stick to it. It's too easy to fall back to the relaxing safety of noodling over how well something is rendered. It also ends up hurting the image. The initial energy of a piece can be completely lost if it's over-resolved.”