Terry Mullica photo by Ace Bannon

My free time for the day is about to end, so I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what's currently showing up as my desktop wallpaper (on a 27″ iMac, no less–totally lickable). A shot of Terry Mullica — aka Jackdmuscle — from the first day we worked together. Have a good one!

2021 Update

So this photo has now floated to the top of the trending items on Muscle Service. After all these years!

Interesting how Twitter works.

And that has inspired me. I'm adding another photo from this shoot below.

But, first, a brief story:

“Did Terry Mullica Ever Take His Jockstrap Off?”

Other than questions about his nipples, that's the most often asked query when muscle fans find out I did these photos.

And questions about his body. That amazing body. Those amazing pecs. And nipples.

So, the answer is… Yes, he did take his jockstrap off.

And here's a photo of Terry Mullica without the jock: