Jack 5 is back!!! Seems like the porn gods at The Guy Site (here’s looking at you Bill) have answered my prayers and have given us new content by the muscular, hairy and all-around masculine Jack 5! At The Guy Site, a new solo video was released over the weekend starring titled “Jack Dildo and Jerk Off in the Woods”.

While I love to always see Jack 5 pounding another piece of ass, I’ll take anything Jack 5 related the site has to throw our way. It also seems like the star himself had something to do with the idea for the clip.

“Jack had a great idea for a movie. How about he uses a dildo and cums on his own face by rolling his ass in the air? Check out this glorious man doing just that.”

Maybe Jack 5 will start directing gay porn? Regardless, I am happy to know I am not the only one who is excited for his return. Here are some of the testimonies by loyal fans at the site. 

  • Justlookn: I've been waiting for him to come back!!!!! I'm ready to see more of him this year.
  • Drcrane: So happy Jack is back!
  • Tank: Jack is always welcome! He's the perfect package.
  • Jock: Jack is god, king, and ruler of the universe. Glad to have him back on the site. Can’t get enough of him!
  • Nrfletch: Glad to see Jack again. His solo was HOT!! Love to see him bottom with someone as hot as him!!

It had been almost a full year since we last saw Jack 5 on the site and like I said, I am so glad he is back. His most recent uploaded titles included:

Jack Bottoms for Knox

Big Jack Cumulation

Jack's Christmas Bonus

Jack Fucks Davin Bareback

Will be reaching out to Bill in the hopes of an exclusive like what we had for Davin Strong! I mean they already fucked once, maybe we will see it happen again.