It's not just and having a terrific 50% off sale this has joined in the fun as well! And I'm super-happy to share the great prices and this great mobile video with you.

Here's what the PR Fairies have to say:

Dirk Caber Tops Dean Monroe

Coach Dirk Caber is training his boy Dean Monroe how to be the perfect jock and that all starts with some personal attention to the coach's cock! After sucking the coach like a pro, Dean is tied to a weight bench with his ankles also tied in the air. This gives coach the perfect opening to ram his rock-hard cock into Dean's eager hole. After a hard pounding coach Dirk rewards the jock with a creamy load!

Gosh, the way that started off–rhyming and all–I thought it was going to be some kind of great epic poem… Something like:

Coach Caber's toy is the perfect jock
He always gets to suck Coach's big cock!
After sucking Coach off, just like a pro,
Dean is tied to the bench — he's such a big ho.
Giving up his hot opening for Coach to ram
His rock-hard cock into Dean's tight hole. BAM!
After pounding it hard (like hail on a road),
Coach showers the jock with his creamy load!

I've missed my true calling. Don't miss this clip: