All of my early discoveries about my muscle lust led to one place: The Muscle Service Station. And the creation of the Ace Bannon persona. But I'm jumping ahead…


In the beginning, there was no Ace Bannon. There was some version of MsclSvc as my AOL username. Hell, it probably still exists–connected to a random email address I no longer have access to.

If you were there, you remember. This was 1996-1997 or so. I was traveling weekly for work and scouting gyms everywhere I went. I reported on my findings — best gyms, best places to find built guys — in many of the M4M chat rooms.

Eventually, the set of questions most guys asked became similar enough that I knew what I had to do.

And The Muscle Service Station Was Launched

The very first iteration of MSS (as it became known) was built using AOL webtools and is forever gone with the wind. That was summer, 1997. And by December of 1998 what you see above had been created.

By then, Ace Bannon existed. And had produced my first solo video, starring Rod Roddick.

rod roddick by ace bannon
From my final shoot with Rod Roddick, May 8, 2004, in Los Angeles. This was a good 5 years after we shot his “Private Pose, Flex, and Pump” video.

Ace Bannon, Physique Photographer

Luckily for me, one of the early MSS fans invited me to shoot bodybuilding competitions. Suddenly, doors were opening for Ace Bannon where there had been nothing.

All of Which Led to:

These massive men who I had the great good fortune to work with. Either in an ongoing capacity or for individual shoots. And this is only a small sample!