Are You Looking for Some Jerk Buddies?

Have you heard of the website If you haven't, let's explore this together.

In researching gay porn news to share with you all I came across a recent article hosted by AVN News about “Adult Time creating Original Gay Content With ‘Jerk Buddies'”. This piqued my interest and I came to find out Adult Time is a site that has been dubbed the Netflix of Porn. At least, straight porn. It seems pretty simple and from what I can tell, this site promises newer fresher content. Which, lucky for us, now includes gay content.

From a quick glance, they offer all types of straight content (including Trans and Lesbian scenes) and now have a full Gay tab on their main page

Clicking on that tab, I was reminded of their new original gay content “Jerk Buddies”. But let me say this: while I do appreciate businesses opening themselves up to LGBT+ content focused on the gay genre, I would’ve liked a better name than “Jerk Buddies” haha.

Since the Jerk Buddies channel is new, to date, there are only 4 different episodes available to view, but the gay section of Adult Time promises a lot of content. The site boasts: “With over 300 channels, 55,000 episodes and 8 releases per day, Adult Time is the ultimate subscription platform for adults. Inside, you’ll find extensive gay porn catalogs and exciting gay sex videos and series from some of the world’s most popular studios.”

The “300 channel” mention most likely covers all content on the site including MILF stuff. However, the gay studios that have paired up with Adult Time include veteran companies. Gay Hoopla, Naked Sword, Chaos Men, and Pride Studios are on board. Along with newer companies like Disruptive Films. If you've ever thought about joining those sites, this may be the answer to that dilemma if Adult Time includes their full catalogue of scenes.

The company does promise a lot more to come. In the same statement with, the site states: “This series is the first of many projects to be released over the next year that covers various popular gay niches and tropes. Between a weekly original gay release and an increase in overall gay channels, we aim to make Adult Time a household name within the gay market and a truly all-inclusive platform. Stay tuned for more men-on-men action, including the release of our upcoming series Daddy’s Boy in a few weeks”

Let me know if you are getting a subscription to Adult Time. If you dabble in watching some straight porn for the straight hot guys, this might be a fun site to look into.