The people behind TikTok’s algorithm are onto something. At this point, they know I love hot men, thirst traps, muscle, queer baiting, pecs bouncing and gay porn. But I was shocked when I came across g-rated edited clips of a scene from a little popular site called: It’s Gonna Hurt. If you know that name, then you remember the reign of pornstar Castro Supreme on gay porn and big penises. There are big dicks and there are thick dicks. And Castro Supreme had both in one. 

I really hope they were paying Castro well back in the day because I can remember only a few scenes where they didn't have him as the featured big black dick. 

The Men Who Felt the Hurt

Now let’s talk about the men who were lucky enough to test their limits with Castro’s big schlong! Usually amateur sites like to kick off their content with actors you haven’t seen, bringing some sort of unbelievable realism making you believe what you're seeing is real. Not to burst your bubble, but they didn’t just find some stranger on the streets of Miami waiting for his girlfriend interested in making a quick buck lol. Eventually, they slowly start to bring in talent you recognize from other studios and websites. Here is a list of some actors you probably saw on other sites. 

Skye Woods

Doc Roc

Kurt Wild

Tyler Ford

Kirk Cummings

Derrick Vinyard

Where is Castro Supreme today? 

Today, the bisexual pornstar can be found online with a new Twitter account after his old one was suspended. No surprise there (thanks Twitter) but he also has an Instagram account with a lot of the same selfie angles and a profile. He doesn't seem shy about his career either as his phone number can be found everywhere on all these accounts. I verified the number and he is in fact responsive. 

Since the last update at It’s Gonna Hurt about 10 years ago (wow, yes I heard that out loud), Castro went onto to film one scene with with Rocco Reed, Lawson Kane, Paulo Thiago & Brett Johnson and two scenes with Reality Thugs with Scorpion King & Phoenix.

Castro (L)

So tell us, do you think you can take Castro’s Supreme cock? Do you think it's really gonna hurt?