This article started off as a simple video review. An update for my fellow readers that are here for the update on all things gay porn. And while I am happy to talk about the latest release from, I was yet again reminded of the true Alpha nature that comes with a man like Carlo, The Boss who is behind the site and why we love men like him. If you know me, you know I love bodybuilders, muscular men who love to show off their hard work and the dominant men that open their sexual eye for mutual exploration with their worshipers. The site’s latest video titled “#214 Boss & Brandon Unmistakeable Bond” has it all. A worshiper, by the name of Ron, a male who has opened his sexual exploration, titled Brandon & the Alpha male himself: The Boss. 

Unmistakable Bonds

As the title gives it away, if you are lucky enough to be a member and see the movie, we are going to experience an “unmistakable bond”. What is this unmistakable bond you ask? Well, for me, it’s to build a bond with someone you admire both personally and, if you’re lucky, sexually. With this new release, The Boss gives us a look into that personal bond between himself and one of his newer additions Brandon. Brandon is already garnering some attention from fans so if anything, The Boss unmistakably knows how to pick them. 

As The Boss puts it, “This is truly a behind the scenes, unedited, non-stop real and authentic bond between Brandon and myself that went from being a routine filming to a very personal and private moment between the 2 of us (Brandon and myself)…beautiful thing among men that is the next level up from a bromance or a gym crush that I have been blessed to experience.”

This resonates with me as someone who identifies as a muscle worshipper or cis male who chooses to enjoy living a submissive role to dominant Alpha males. Followers of Muscle Service can agree that our infatuation with the Alpha muscular male doesn’t always revolve around a lustful attraction or a quick release in a moment of self pleasure, but the hopes to build an emotional connection with someone we admire due to their physical strength, Alpha attitude and maturity and openness to sexual exploration. 

The Cash Master vs. The Alpha Male

Daily, I come across many men online that consider themselves alpha males and cash masters, but I’ve come to find that sometimes I can see behind the veil that comes with offensive, insulting verbal language. I am sure you have seen them all over Twitter. There are accounts of men who don’t seem to want to be worshiped in the traditional muscle worship setting, but rather film a short 5 minute video with offensive and degrading language in the hopes of garnering some cash. For the most part, these seem like college jocks who need another 200 bucks for a weekend keg.

I am not here to yuck someone’s yum, but having spoken to various bodybuilders, I have come to realize the difference between an “alpha male” (notice the small “a”) and an actual ALPHA male like The Boss who connects with his bros with maturity, a strong mental state of affection and respect. It's that approach that will always make me lust for a man like The Boss. Plus, the older I get (me being 35) I cannot find myself attractive to someone younger than me asking me to “empty my wallet” for a minute of attention haha. 

I was lucky enough to get a direct quote from The Boss who gave his input into the idea of an Alpha vs. Cash Master.

“An Alpha Male is more of a seduction its the presence of a certain type of guy (you either have it or you don’t) its an energy that is natural, it exists without saying a word. The Cash master thing to me is more like a thug that has nothing else to offer. The difference between a man who legitimately earns something and a thug who needs to demand it at gun point. Real gold vs plated gold, real gold has lifetime value, plated gold the sheen eventually wears off, it tarnishes, peels and eventually is found out as fake hence becoming worthless. I say save your money for the real gold.”

Carlo, The Boss

I am sure Brandon quickly came to see The Boss for the man he is and hope that I can get the attention of an Alpha male next time in the gym and recreate the hot sexual tension you can see in this movie. 

Lucky Little Bitch

The third participant in this movie is lucky little Ron. In some of my comments I’ve made it known that I’m jealous of Ron: the cocksucker that seems to be an on-call fluffer for the Muscle Mafia. He’s appeared in many scenes in the past couple years and I would change places with him at any given time. Hey Boss, if you make it out to the west coast anytime soon, then I gladly volunteer to be your resident latin cocksucker and muscle worshiper 😉 

Ron’s role in the movie is a great one! He does as he’s told and is able to hold his stamina sucking Brandon’s cock, worshiping his feet with his mouth and doing what he can to get Bradon off. And while great, Brandon needs his Alpha male involved to completely get off. Enter that unmistakable bond. It's not until The Boss actively participates that gets Brandon to finish his scene and cum for the world to see. In this case, he needed more than a face to fuck but that sexual energy between him and Brandon to make this movie work. 

From personal conversations, I know there is a lot of content that we hope to see soon. With two releases coming out weeks between each other, I only hope we get newer content soon!

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