Recently, we introduced  you to the latest writings of our in-house erotic lit author, Mr. Muscleflex. Now you can read the conclusion of his recent feature about a mountain camp where men can retreat to do what men do best: fuck and get muscular. In this latest installment, he talks about The Arcade, a highly visited spot at the camp. Read and enjoy!


One of the most popular attractions at “Camp Muscle Mountain” is the video arcade. or how we call it the “big muscle arcade”.

As you know, our camp is full of ripped and huge muscle men. and a few young men that don’t have a lot of muscle, but huge thick cut cocks that squirt massive geysers of cum for all our muscle dads & cum loving bodybuilder boys.   

The arcade, a 24/7 running spot has videos playing on small monitors, and each room has glory holes in walls that you can see through so that you can see the hot boys and the muscle men flexing as they put their huge hard cocks through the glory holes. visitors are able to see boys sucking  huge cocks, and the squirting of hot muscle building protein rich cum squirting and splashing on the hottest faces and on smooth rock hard pecs, nips and biceps. 

On this special night, dads of the claimed boys here at “camp muscle mountain” are invited for a special tour of the camp, to see their hot muscle boys in action and to take part with their gorgeous muscle sons in the great muscle arcade.

Before the event, a private link was sent to former members of our summer camp. Now older dads, they were able to see all the featured young men from the camp as they showed their bodybuilding progress. These dads were asked to bid and auction on their favorite boy, claiming them for a meet and greet they would forever remember.

Over 40 dads showed up pumped and ready to see the camp in action, and to participate with their sons in hot muscle flexing, the sucking of hard boned cock, the jacking of boys cocks as they flex, and the joy in seeing hot cum squirting like a fuckin' geyser on proud dads and their ripped muscle sons. Those young men are reminded to spend the day at the gym so that their recently pumped muscles can show off even more.

“Hi, Jimmy Flexor here, to tell you about what happened at our Dad and Son at the Muscle Arcade Event went”

“First I want to say that I couldn’t believe how many dads had such hot muscles just like their sons”  “It started with about 40 dads showing up to see our young men in action, and they had jackets on and long pants, so I wasn’t sure how they looked naked.”  “But I was soon to find out”.

“First thing I did was to give the dads a tour of the camp so they know what their sons are doing”. “The first thing I did was ask the dads if they all work out, pump muscle”.  “All 40 gave me a look of (are you fucking kidding me?) so I then had to say: “Ok dads, what do you have on under those jackets and pants”. One dad said “just posing trunks, and we all have posing oil to show off with our sons, that hopefully we will be as hot as your muscle building sons”. I got them all back into the main entrance of the main cabin of the camp. I asked them if I get their sons in the cabin with them, will they strip?  The one dad said: “we all have been hitting the gym 5-6 days a week and I think we are ready to see our boys muscles as we show off”.

I got on the pa system and thru the mic I stated: “Attention, all claimed boys whose fathers are coming to our camp, please come to the main entrance right now, to the main cabin, thank you”.

I could see the dads anxiously waiting for the boys to show up.  Some I saw rubbing their cocks under their pants. I know how these boys look now and I get a huge boner seeing them naked and flexing in our steam room or weight room, or shower.

The boys showed up and they hugged their dads.  The boys showed up wearing skimpy tanks and all red posing trunks that on the front of the trunks the letters “BMC”. Which means “Big Muscle Cock”. And most of these boys have both big cocks and big muscles for their young adult age. I told the boys to do a double bicep flex for their dads and they did. Oh fuck, they have grown. Their bicep peaks and triceps have gotten bigger, harder and definitely got my boner bigger. Then the dads started to moan.  Fuck I knew then that their sons had really gotten bigger and more ripped and then all 40 dads stripped off their pants and jackets and all they had on was the posing trunks. Just like they said. They all looked at all the boys and their cocks kept growing and growing as they flexed their biceps and pecs and saw the boys doing the same, and each muscle boy's cock was growing huge and their muscles got more ripped and bigger looking at the hot muscle dads.

Then the trainer lumberjacks came in wearing just jocks, pumped as fuck started flexing with the dads and their sons, and the lumberjacks as I said before. All were massive, 22 inch biceps or bigger. The moaning of boys and men got louder as they started licking muscle, licking hard smooth pecs, licking thick shafts of hard cock, sucking huge cock, and I knew that this hot orgy was just the beginning of a lot more! Even more muscle went worshipped and erotic as the day went on into the night, with more dads and sons seeing and getting really fuckin horned with their sons muscles and the other dads and sons muscles and so many squirting cocks. Needless to say, we raised a lot of money that night to keep this camp going for many years to cum.