Erotic Artist FallenX

Erotic artist FallenX is today's focus as I continue to cover the world of muscle, bodybuilders, muscle worship and muscle erotica. I always seem to come back to homoerotic artists because there is something intriguing about creating art that is sexy, fascinating and most importantly original. Each erotic artist is able to fully create what he wants to see then share it with his fans without having anyone else produce it.

If you want muscle worship between two bodybuilders bigger than any human being you get to have it. If you want your favorite video game character to be a muscular slut, you get to have it. Want to put your favorite Disney prince in an all-male orgy? The erotic artist is able to just draw that fantasy and really enjoy it, and that is truly amazing.

In speaking with other artists, I was introduced to erotic artist FallenX's work. Although he did not have much to share online because of a previous hard drive mishap, he has shown real talent in his artwork and passion behind what he creates. 

Erotic Artist FallenX

Names and usernames fascinate me. From a branding perspective, they should get right to the point. (Hell mine is MuscleCumLover because… I love bodybuilders full of muscle and the juice they produce.) FallenX actually had a change in name 3 times, always standing for the same thing. Originally going by the name Fallen Messiah X, he later changed it to FMX which led a number of viewers interested in motocross to come across his art. We laughed about how that was a surprise to many but I have to wonder how many people looked for motocross and stayed for his sexy art. In the end, FallenX represents the romantic idea that, like an angel, anyone can fall from grace.

In interviewing these artists, it's quite apparent that many know each other or at least know of each other and have influenced their art. While I think it's such a big community, there really is a small world of talented homosexual erotic artists. Already, we have seen the support between Absolutbleu and Widebros, but it was crazy to hear that both Absolutbleu and FallexX had interacted back in the days of the old Y-Gallery site. For those of you that weren't around, Y-Gallery was the original gay erotic art hosting site. Unfortunately, approximately 10 years ago some shady business happened behind the scenes and it was taken down. It was recently revived, and the community is trying to rebuild it to its glory days. Besides Absolutbleu, other of FallenX's favorite artists at the moment include HotchaX, Masanori_danshi and the highly successful Patrick Fillion (@NakedJustice). Recently, FallenX has grown an interest in fellow artists @marototori, Henry Partum and Kim Nuruk

If the artist community wasn't small enough, the fan base behind some of our favorite bodybuilders and former pornstars is probably even smaller haha. Just like yours truly, erotic artist FallenX grew up loving Caesar, Tom Katt, Gauge, Zeb Atlas, and Matthew Rush. There must have only been those guys performing in the early 2000s because we all fell in love with them. Besides the men that show it all, iconic bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and 90's Capcom games including The Street Fighter series, Darkstalkers, and the men featured in the Marvel VS Capcom games were early inspirations. Again, I swear we all got turned on by the same stuff growing up haha

Erotic Artist FallenX

Today, FallenX is inspired by the men feeding our social media feeds including LGBT+ ally Brad Rowe, hairy daddy Nick Pulos, cosplayer Steve Raider, bodybuilder Regan Grimes and IFBB Pro Antoine Vaillant. Maybe FallenX will use our recent Social Media Spotlight Scott Kinghorn in consideration with future inspiration.

Fallen X is both a boob or ass man (in this case pecs and ass). In his words, “It’s all good.” In real life, everyone has their strong points physically and FallenX will truly find that beauty in everyone. 

With his busy schedule and the world’s undecided future, who knows what we can expect from erotic artist FallenX but he always seems to rise from the ashes to create more. While I really think FallenX could have a successful Patreon, at the moment he does not have an active one. He really wants to have one once he can really provide a fair return of investment to his fans. Kind-hearted, FallenX let me know he would feel guilty accepting payment if he couldn't provide consistent art to his fans. He did share with us the featured image at the top of this page of Link being held down by penis tentacles, which was a bonus made for his old Patreon. Never before released, we were able to get the exclusive on that! As for commissions, don’t hold your breath, but for now, please follow him on Twitter and Y-Gallery