Anderson Tyler

Anderson Tyler helps us at the MSS break new ground today with the site's first post featuring content from — be sure to let me know in the comments what you think. (Does anyone post in the comments any more??)

Here's what the fine fellows at have to say about the gentleman whose muscle is the subject of all the… gay… hoopla??

Ever gotten horny while in the kitchen? That's what happened to our hot beefy new guy. This EXCLUSIVE stud couldn't wait to get his hands on his uncut cock. He is a natural show off from being on stage at his bodybuilding competitions, so hopping up on our counter to bust a nut was nothing to this modern day Hercules.

As they say in almost every biz, don't tell me–show me!

Some photos with his face blurred out were included in the gallery sent over (but keep scrolling…):

I've no idea why they bothered to blur his face when his name (Anderson Tyler) is in the titles of the photo files.

Anderson Tyler

See the full Uncut Meat in the Kitchen scene on


2014NPCPittsburgh Pro5th
2013NPCMr Olympia6th
2012NPCNPC USA Bodybuilding1st
IFBB Houston Pro (2012-10-13 – 2012-10-13)     
Mens Physique
   Open (7)
IFBB Orange County Muscle Classic (2012-08-11 – 2012-08-11)     
Mens Physique
   Open (3)
NPC USA (2012-07-27 – 2012-07-28)     
Mens Physique
   Pro Card Winners
   Class A (1)
NPC Jr. Nationals (2012-06-15 – 2012-06-16)     
Mens Physique
   Class A (2)
NPC Jr. USA (2012-05-19 – 2012-05-19)     
Mens Physique
   Class A (4)
NPC Border States (2009-10-17 – 2009-10-17)     
   Bantamweight (1)
   Novice Lightweight (3)

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