big muscle daddy

Here's a bit of late-night fun, featuring Big Muscle Daddy Nate Karlton in a mobile video scene from Not only is it hot as hell to see him struggle to get loose from his bonds, but the spit-lube j/o bits are cock-throbbingly fine.

I'm afraid the PR Fairies had the day off for this release, though. The only official comment I've found on this scene seems to be:

The one and only Nate is all laced up like a piece of ham!

“Laced up like a piece of ham” is not a phrase I can say that I'm familiar with. You? Nor is it something that sounds a) real — I mean, you don't lace up a piece of ham, do you? — or b) particularly… um… sexy. Can you imagine a date with a big muscle daddy like Nate? And then he says, “I want to take you back to my place and lace you up like a piece of ham!”? The mind reels…

Okay, okay, enough of my rants. On to the clip!

One more thing: is having a 50% OFF SALE during Thanksgiving weekend, so now's your chance to get the rest of this big muscle daddy scene (along with plenty more of that delicious laced up ham…)!