Born and raised in LA, I wasn't lucky enough to experience summer camp–much less one like Camp Muscle Mountain. For the most part, I think summer camp as more of an east coast thing.

But as an adult I fantasize about an anytime getaway camp for muscular men ONLY. A place where men build themselves to grow into massive, testosterone-filled, ‘roided hulks. Where muscle worship is a daily activity and sex before bed is required.

Fantasy became reality when I reconnected with friend to the site and erotic writer Mr. Muscleflex. We collaborated and he transformed the fantasy into a story for you to enjoy. Check out Pt. 1 of Camp Muscle Mountain below!

camp muscle mountain


A story of hard Muscle, of young men, huge bodybuilders, hot lumberjacks, hot men of Muscle, men of hard cocks, and Muscle lumberjacks with huge cocks that squirt geysers of Cum!!!


This is an adult summer camp! All boys must be 18 and over and proof of age must be present when joining. This camp, our camp has much Muscle building, Muscle worship, cocks squirting hot Cum, and lots of hot deep kissing and flexing of Muscle. 

You must be attracted and addicted to hard Muscle, have love for squirting Cum from huge cocks, & eager and wanting to show off gorgeous Muscles at our summer camp. 

You ready to flex? With other Muscle boys and lumberjack Muscle men? And do you love squirting Cum on their Muscles??

Fuck yes, you are!!!


Terry DeLong aka Jimmy Flexor

Summer camp was never like this till “Jimmy Flexor” built the hottest, most fuckin' sexual, Muscle Worship camp. A camp for only boys and men who have a hot lust for Muscle!!!  We are the only Muscle worship, Cum squirting camp in all America!!!  

CAMP Muscle MOUNTAIN is the place to go!!!  The camp was started by a Pro bodybuilder named JIMMY FLEXOR. Jimmy knew and trained a lot of boys and men in many famous gyms who all love Muscle, cock and Cum. But most of the gyms he trained at would not allow what he wanted to accomplish for his growing Muscle students. To accomplish getting boys and men to join in his fun way of building Muscle, and the most erotic way to get cocks hard and squirting hot Cum on boys and men who crave all that Cum on their growing Muscles, only Jimmy could do it, and did it!!  


The only Muscle building camp where you not only build hard gorgeous Muscle, but also build up your hard fucking and deep cock sucking skills, and your hot licking of hard pecs, nips, and biceps. This Muscle building camp also allows you to experience the hottest geysers and squirting explosions of Cum, blasting from your throbbing boned cock, to Cum drench those young men you’re flexing & fucking with!!! And you will be taught by only the best camp counselors & lumberjacks in the mountains of Bigcock, Missouri!!!

Summer is the best time to do fun things. For teenage boys, summer camp can be fun playing baseball, river rafting, and fun games. But deep in the mountains of Bigcock, Missouri, there is a summer camp like no other. It is a place where young 18 year olds or older can go to be bodybuilders. And if they are already bodybuilders, Muscle men like a Muscle coach or Camp Counselor can join you to train boys who love Muscle, love cock, love tight ass to fuck, and especially love hot squirting Cum.


This part of town was a lumberjack town, but many of the lumberjacks didn’t want wives and babies, they craved Muscle men, hard cocks, and Cum. Jimmy would have at his house up to 50 lumberjacks in his small gym, pumping hard Muscle, jacking hard cocks with them, and every cock ready to Cum at any second.

But he knew he somehow had to find a place with a huge weight room, a huge steam room and sauna, and a place to have many lumberjacks, and young Muscle loving men. Luckily, he found an old farm house with a barn and all that with acres of land around it. He turned that house into a summer camp with the house being the place for all the men to sleep, pump Muscle, group with the hot growing Muscle boys that will get boned with the best Muscle anywhere. And around the house he built a huge shower room, a massive steam room, massive sauna, and a video room with nothing but hot Muscle porn on huge monitors to get boys boned and Muscles hard for Muscle worship and hot gorgeous ass fun. 

The camp also has a huge kitchen built for high protein meals and drinks and for the extra Muscle building protein. All that squirting Cum blasting from hard throbbing cocks, squirting huge as young men lick that Cum off huge thick shafts of cocks, hard pecs and nips and incredible bicep peaks. All that Cum will give the young Muscle building boys, the lumberjacks and Camp Counselors that extra punch of protein from such huge gorgeous cocks of the hottest gorgeous Muscle boys of any summer camp.

And yes, Some of the lumberjacks are camp counselors who train the new Muscle camp boys how to flex, use weights, use machines to get the best hottest Muscle pumps, and how to turn average boys into Muscle Gods, They train them to get super huge boners watching each other flex and show off. These lumberjacks are huge massive Muscle boys between the ages of 30 to 60, and all are gorgeous.

Most of the lumberjack boys have 19-22” biceps, huge and hard steel pecs, hard want-to-lick-and-squirt-Cum-on nips, and massive blastings of hot Muscle building Cum. This Cum drenches Muscle boy beginners to grow, get more ripped, and that Cum makes their confidence in building Muscle a super power that won’t quit till they get the size they desire. They want to be burly, brawny, robust, the most Muscled and sexually powerful boys and men, anywhere, anyplace.

We get Men and boys from all around the world to Cum to our camp for fun, hard ripped or massive Muscle, and to be the hottest buff boy anywhere you go. We give you all that at “CAMP Muscle MOUNTAIN “


One of the most popular games we play is a scavenger hunt.  For this, we get the most muscular, most ripped, and most boned cock boys to hide in one of our cabins. Usually we get 5 hot big lumberjack massive boys to find. We get 20 hot new young bodybuilder boys to go find them. If a hot ripped boy finds one hot huge lumberjack Muscle boy, that huge Muscle boy will get all the other 4 boys to that cabin with a siren that will go off alerting all the boys searching for those huge Muscle boys, letting everyone know that one has been found. Then through a speaker system, the boys looking are told to go see that massive Muscle boy.

Then the fun starts. When the 5 massive boys and the 20 hot Muscle boys in a cabin have a hot Muscle worship orgy. When this happens all boys, Muscle men, Camp counselors gather in and around to watch a hot Muscle orgy. These orgies are so hot! The flexing, the licking of huge bicep peaks on these gorgeous lumberjack boys, the sucking of their hard cocks one by one of all 5 massive lumberjack boys.

Then the huge men make the ripped young boys flex their now even bigger bicep peaks and show off their smooth hot pecs. This is where the massive boys lick those hard nips, hard growing pecs and those 8 pack abs. These huge men make these younger ripped boys Cum fountains, I mean huge gushers, fountains of hot Cum going all over each and every lumberjack huge Muscle boy. Cum dripping down their massive biceps, huge massive pecs and hard as fuck nips.

Their beautiful bearded faces full with Cum squirting and dripping down those faces to have those young ripped boys lick all that Cum off, and then kiss, to taste and get all that hot Muscle building protein which makes the huge boys Cum again and even bigger, drenching these young men’s pecs and faces. And they love licking every drop!  And yes, the huge lumberjack boys do lick that Cum from these ripped as fuck boys hot mouths, face and their still throbbing, dripping of Cum, cocks!!!

Chapter 2 of “Camp Muscle Mountain” Cumming Soon!!


But before we go, here are some pics of the hot boys and men activities that only happen at “CAMP Muscle  MOUNTAIN”

(Above: The special cocksucking game-who can Cum first, and the most and farthest)

(Above: Our outside nature park for the hottest most erotic Muscle worship!!!

Who is ready to sign up for a trip to Camp Muscle Mountain??