Good morning! Who wouldn't want to wake up to Spencer Reed in a singlet? Couple that with the mobile video below and the continuation of the long weekend's 50% off sale at BoundJocks.com — along with RagingStallion.com, ColtStudioGroup.com, HotHouse.com, and ClubInfernoDungeon.com — and it's shaping up to be a great Sunday already.

Let's have the PR Fairies lead us in a moment of contemplation about what we're about to watch, shall we?

Our wrestler Spencer Reed takes matters into his own hands and makes Morgan Black submit to him. With one leg up on the box, he ties Morgan’s arm to his leg so Morgan is unable to move and his ass is very exposed. After eating out Morgan’s hole, Spencer stands up and forces his dick deep into Morgan for a brutal fucking. In the end Spencer cums in Morgan’s face and then leaves Morgan there to think about what he has done.

I think we should all think about what he has done, and in order to think about it, we need to first witness it:

[jwplayer config=”960×540″ mediaid=”4417″]

Okay. Enough with the witnessing and thinking. Let's get to the SAVING!