We have had the great good fortune to interview many amazing erotic artists. I hope Silverjow will someday speak with our Eddie V for a full spotlight. His work has become one of my latest obsessions so, until then, here's a Silverjow appreciation post.

Anyone who has followed The Muscle Service Station for any length of time knows that Tom of Finland was one of my early influences. Back before I picked up a camera, I tried my hand at drawing the men of my dreams. I was awful at it and, frankly, didn't have the patience to learn and practice.

The Art of Silverjow

My appreciation of highly-skilled illustrators with a taste for masculine, muscular men has never waned. And, recently, I've become a fan and Patreon supporter for the first time. Take a look at his work:

References and Homages

You may recognize in the final image above a tribute to the great COLT photographer, Jim French:

Jim's photo of Karim and Brian Cerf makes the perfect template for Silverjow's most famous couple, Ulric and Wei:

I am hooked on the pure talent on display in these illustrations. If you love these two like I do, they play heavily in the posts on Silverjow's Patreon. And the evolution of them as characters and as a couple is amazing to see.

Batman & Robin? Yes!!

They even show up in full DC-inspired cosplay:

Wow, that pushes all of my buttons!

J.C. Leyendecker References

Some of his work is very reminiscent of J. C. Leyendecker's art. The above football player could be a direct descendant of this Leyendecker work, down to the circle behind the figure and the color choice for the uniform:

Just Amazing Silverjow Art

Amazing! If you're like me and geek out over fine masculine art, follow Silverjow on Twitter and Patreon for more of this great artist's work.

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