These recent photos from of Roman Todd caught my eye:

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Nice shots — especially the mirror photos. And his physique certainly shows dedication and serious gym time. But just imagine him juiced and jacked to rival competition-sized Caesar:

With that kind of size and vascularity, Roman Todd would surely totally dominate as the next muscle porn god. Roman, if you're listening, what say you??

Incidentally, for those who care, those above photos of Mr. Todd are from the new release, “Hooking Up With Roman Todd“. Have they run out of titles? Or just creatives who can handle the task?

Here's a teaser, with what I find to be dull as dishwater performative fucking:

But the interstitial shots — like those of Roman Todd channelling James Bond rising from the ocean — are nice.

The other guy in the scene is Dean Dallas. Here's what the PR Fairies have to say about it:

What's it like to get with star Roman Todd? Follow this hunk as he has some fun in the sun at the beach, showing the water beading on his muscular chest and thighs as he strides out of the surf, rolling around playfully on the sand, and rubbing lotion into his washboard abs. Back at home, Dean Dallas does a sexy tease on the bed in his swimsuit, and Roman joins him, standing in the mirror and pulling down his trunks to show his hard cock and sculpted ass. The guys share an embrace and Dean sucks Roman's cock, then the top fingers Dean's hole and rims him. Roman fucks the bottom doggystyle and Dean rides him before the hunks 69. Roman fucks the bottom spoon, making him orgasm, then gives Dean a hot facial. – Hooking Up With Roman Todd