It's an official holiday at the Muscle Service offices!!! If you didn’t know, it's National Bodybuilding Day (NBD)! Well I don’t know if this is an officially-recognized day, but a simple Google search brings up a website: 

Created by someone who doesn’t seem to be active anymore, the site states: 

“National Bodybuilding Day was created out of the love and passion for the iron life style. Its a day to celebrate all bodybuilders from people putting in their first reps to legends like Lee Haney. The Holiday is to inspire one another to push harder, lift heavier, and reflect as we grow both literally and figuratively.”

He even has a list of ways to celebrate NBD, my favorite is the following (with my added tips)

“Get a group of your friends together [get naked] and go to the gym! Have a bench, deadlift and squat party [on each other’s dicks] (Or all 3!) and motivate each other [to be the best available bodybuilder when it comes to muscle worship] Spot each other [oil each other up, massage each other, lick each other, taste each other] and help each other grow stronger.

Join us every year on August 10th and make sure to get creative with the way you celebrate each year and enjoy this memorable day!”

Who is my favorite Bodybuilder?

My favorite is the one that does porn, the one that participates in muscle worship, the one that doesn't discriminate and lets all appreciate his body. I love those great men who stripped for sites like Muscle Hunks, Colt Studios (vintage content) and JimmyZ Productions. I am all about those huge men who let other men worship, adore, admire, and more. Fuck, maybe today should be National Bodybuilder Jams Day instead! On that note, I will leave you to a collection of images from previous Bodybuilder Jams to help celebrate this Muscle Worthy Day. 

National Bodybuilding Day Jam!

We’re working on getting new men who would love to be thrown into a sea of admirers. If you have anyone or want to nominate anyone who would be interested, let us know.