Let's talk about Cody Deal…

I hesitated over starting today’s article with #ManCrushMonday. Not because today’s topic isn't hot. But because I don’t know how much I “crush” on this guy haha. So, I am looking to you readers to tell me what you think! 

I am talking about Cody Deal.

cody deal
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In case you don't already know who he is:

Cody is a fitness model, actor, Only Fans content creator, and bartender. That sounds like every hot guy out there under the sun. Which makes me think… how much do I lust for Cody? Enough to buy his calendar? Or to only follow him on social media? To actually become a paying member to his recently reduced Only Fans?  


A bit of backstory:

Years ago, I was lucky to run into Cody Deal back when the beautiful tall adonis bartended in West Hollywood. WeHo is filled with gorgeous bartenders so it was no surprise to see a 6’3″ man hang out behind the bar half naked. Somehow by then I already knew who he was. Maybe I ran into him at some Los Angeles event or Instagram had shared his profile with me. But immediately I was smitten.

However, Cody is no stranger to controversy. In the past, many fans have shunned him due to his political views. Cody was also an early fitness model who was accused of queer baiting for cash. But can't we argue that many Only Fans content creators and TikTokers are doing that today? His other business ventures include selling personal nude calendars and creating an “academy” to empower men. 

We teach men how to build a dream body, how to build relief and confidence in who they are, how to build systems and habits that streamline success, how to express the wonderful palette of colors all of us men all-too-often are too scared to show, to interviewing successful men in specific niches to broaden our scopes, to a broad teaching of meditation….


You get the point. This seemed kinda cultish and I wonder if anyone ever signed up. 

His more mainstream work includes…

As a professional actor, Cody Deal appeared in the low budget film “Almighty Thor” as the titular character. The movie looks… well, bad. But Imagine an alternative universe where Chris Hemsworth was in “Almighty Thor” and Cody Deal was a Marvel Avenger? Stranger things have happened in Hollywood…

My take is Cody worked in WeHo bars looking to make ends meet while roaming Hollywood looking for acting jobs. He posed with Big Don of Big Dons Boys — maybe this led to him wanting to do anything for a buck.

Gentlemen, the Cody Deal OnlyFans!

I remember Cody claiming he would only produce modest content on Patreon (before OnlyFans) so I was shocked when I got the news of a current Cody OF page on sale.

I didn't know this, but I guess I am still part of the Cody Deal Fanclub Newsletter and recently received the following message:

“You're not going to believe this: I literally did something really stupid (short term), but I feel all will benefit in the long run.

I just dropped my ONLYFANS price to $9.99/month INDEFINITELY! I have NEVER had my page cheaper — NOT EVEN CLOSE; it's always been between $29.99 to $39.99.

After talking to one of my $1k/month VIP clients, I now realize that there are a lot of fans subscribed to other creators on OnlyFans that you are supporting, and sometimes that bill is running hundreds of dollars/month.

I appreciate you guys understanding how doing videos and pics showing Little Cody out a full 9″ was an extremely big deal to me when I launched my OnlyFans literally 2 years ago this month. Thank you to all of you for supporting since then.

However, I want to have a fair price for ALL. This way, instead of shelling out $39.99/month just for me, you can spread that out to other people.

I also know that some people just want to see me ***LIVE*** or see my huge cock or muscle ass–and $9.99/month for that is awesome.

But, then there is also another percent of people who want to interact with me, get to know me, and feel connected — I get that, and I certainly love it, but I want to give everyone an option to support me at the level of attention they crave.

So, I'll keep the base price at $9.99/month to cover my ***LIVE*** monthly jack-off show so we can all cum together, and all the extra pics and videos I post you'll gain access to with some PPV options for the more elaborate content (again, depending on what people crave).

I'm then going to introduce a $25/month Snapchat content access, where you'll get daily pics and videos of me directly DM'ed to you.

This way, IF people want to pay for extra content and access to DM me back and forth, you CAN, but you don't have to. So, no more premium price; it's going to be a base price of $9.99 to get 90% of my new OnlyFans content (with 10% PPV), and access to my ***LIVE*** monthly jack-off show with FREE replay access for 48 hours. And, if the show was hot, or you want to purchase it, I'll give you the option to purchase it every month too for $25 if you want to support me. Or you can screenrecord it and not tell me; it's up to you.

I really want to be clear about my intentions here and keep you in the loop. I'm doing my best to make you feel good by seeing me in this way, or masterbating with me, so please just know I'm grateful for you.

Lastly, if you want to join my private Snapchat, there's a pinned post at the top of my OnlyFans page when you join. Thank you soooooo much for the extra support.

Thank you again for supporting me over the years. I am super grateful for you, and hope we can continue a fantastic friendship.

Xo, Cody”

Should I give Cody Deal another chance and see how his content has evolved? Is there anyone reading this who currently has a live subscription? If you're there, let me know your thoughts.