A Note from Eddie V.

As we wrap up 2021, I want to thank everyone who has made this year as enjoyable as possible. While we're still dealing with the pandemic and adjusting to the “new normal” here's a thank you to all our readers and social media friends. And also give a shoutout and huge personal thanks to Ace Bannon for giving me the opportunity to become a part of the Muscle Service family.

From interviews with bodybuilders, content creators, erotic artists and authors, I am glad to have put pen to paper (so to speak) and share my passion for all men sexy and muscular and all things homoerotic. I look forward to the interviews we have lined up and what 2022 will bring.

For now, I leave you to this year's last entry by Mr. Muscleflex as he envisions what a sex filled stadium in LA would look like on the night of New Year's Eve. From Muscle Worship to Cum being blasted everywhere (Mr. Muscleflex likes to write Cum with a Capital C!), I give you a New Year's Story to wrap up the year.

A HUGE MASSIVE MUSCLE & CUM ORGY (over 3000 men)  


For the first time in gay muscle history, there will be the biggest Muscle Worship gathering ever of hot boys with gorgeous bicep peaks, smooth lickable hard as fuck pecs, and at least a thousand young men squirting hot Cum. 

The colosseum opened a year ago. It is a recreation of the colosseum in Rome. It holds 3,000 people. Mr. Muscleflex, for the first time, got bodybuilders from London, Rome, Paris, Australia, India, Germany, and other countries. All to celebrate… New Years!! A new year of bigger biceps, bigger pecs, and the chance to suck bigger cocks. And the hopes that every muscle boy and man gets bigger splashes — of hot muscle-building Cum!!!

Muscleflex even got straight bodybuilders to join in on this massive muscle worship orgy. Many of the straight boys do love muscle, not only their own, but we found out that looking at other muscle bodybuilders gives them huge boners with Cum-squirting thoughts about other bodybuilders.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve!! Tomorrow is the biggest Muscle Worship night ever!!

Bodybuilders from every city in the USA are Cumming to this hot awesome event!!! But to have admission to the Colosseum every boy and massive man must have full vaccinations and proof of getting two shots. And now a booster!!!

The cost per ticket is $100.00 This will be starting on December 31st, 2021 at 8:00 pm to past Midnight 2022.

After not being able to have any hot muscle worship (because of the virus),  we can finally have hot muscle worship, to finally suck hard big cock, and lick hot Cum off of massive bicep peaks. And even the chance to jack off other muscle boys. 

So finally after not being able to even see someone, your time has Cum. Also, all who apply to be at our event must submit proof of vaccination (2 shots) and must be in perfect health. Masks will be worn, but as the muscles get bigger, the cocks get more massive with pre-cum dripping, masks can be removed.  

But that’s up to every individual if you keep it on or not!!

IMPORTANT: To have truly hot fun at this event, try to NOT CUM 3 DAYS OR A WEEK BEFORE THE MUSCLE EVENT!!!  

If you try to edge as the muscle is flexing and Cum is exploding from huge cocks onstage, when you do finally Cum, FUCK, you hot gorgeous boys will squirt geysers of Cum on all your muscle buddies with you, fuck, it will be so hot!! And PLEASE BEFORE CUMMING TO THE EVENT, HIT THE GYM AND GET SUPER MASSIVE PUMPS TO BE HUGE, BONED, READY TO SUCK BIG HARD COCK, LICK HARD AS STEEL PECS, ROCK HARD HUGE PEAKED BICEPS.  

To celebrate the New Year, we will have young and older bodybuilders for the biggest orgy ever!! At this event, there will be beginners in bodybuilding, young men who have trained for a year or more to get hot bigger, ripped hot muscles, to Pro bodybuilders with 22” biceps and bigger, for the younger bodybuilders to lick, feel, and squirt gallons of hot Cum on a huge bodybuilder’s massive gorgeous muscles. That, Oh Fuck, gives you the biggest, hardest boner!!

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve!! Tomorrow is the biggest Muscle Worship night ever!! To celebrate a new year of building, flexing, and Cum squirting of Muscle!!!


This is a unique muscle night. For the first time in muscle history, from different countries, we gathered most of the hottest, biggest, most ripped muscle boys and, FUCK, we almost got 3000 hot muscle boys and men to gather for the biggest orgy of hard cocks, hard ripped muscles, and the most squirting of hot Cum ever!!! More than in any gym, bathhouse, or gay porn theatre!!! This is your chance to show off and have a massive group of men and boys jacking and squirting Cum as you flex and show your gorgeous pumped as fuck muscles!!


(The crowd of almost 3,000 goes crazy)

Boys and men give him a standing ovation. All are wearing a jock or posing trunks, and a skimpy tank top, and already there are some hot gorgeous erect cocks as they are applauding MR. MUSCLEFLEX, who is the founder of 24 Hour Fitness Muscle Worship Gym and his amazing muscle builder powders and capsules that turn ordinary boys into huge massive pumped muscle gods.

Mr. Muscleflex: “Good evening you Hot muscle boys and muscle men. I’m Mr. Muscleflex”!! 

(All 3000 again stand and yell scream and applaud again)  

“I have never seen so much hot muscle at one time, looking around this huge arena. Oh, fuck man, this turnout is outstanding”.  

“Hey! You hot muscle boys and muscle men, you see any boys that have the muscle and looks to get your cocks huge and squirting hot Cum?

(The crowd of every boy goes crazy screaming and chanting “We love muscle”)

Mr. Muscleflex: “You hot crowd of almost 3000 gorgeous muscle gods”. “Is your cock getting hard and dripping”? 

(Crowd yells yes)

“Well, we have many more hot muscle boys Cumming on stage that will definitely get you hard, jacking and squirting hot Cum. And all the boys with me and myself will be flexing, and Cumming with you incredible Cum hungry boys”. “You young men out there, say “I love Muscle & Cum”!!!!

(Loud and sounding like 10,000 hot boys they all screamed “I love muscle & Cum”)

Mr. Muscleflex knew then that the crowd was horned as fuck and wanted to see hot young muscle men with incredible bicep peaks and hot smooth pecs, for massive huge bodybuilders to lick and squirt Cum on to lick off.

“The first boy I want to bring out I discovered at a small gym that I visited and made me breathless and cock hard as well. He is only 19.” 

(Crowd cheers and screams “bring him out, bring him out”)  

“Not only is he cute as hell, but his muscles are also so fuckin hot”!!! His blonde hair, his biceps that after measuring tonight peak at 19”. 

(Boys and men are moaning, they are already jacking their hard cocks even before he goes out to show off for this muscle-lusting crowd)

“He not only has incredible peaks, but gorgeous smooth pecs, perfect thick legs, a gorgeous ass, and a huge cut cock that I measured at almost 11” rock hard”. For your sexual pleasure, I have 5 young bodybuilders who will be licking his biceps and pecs, and sucking his huge cock and I know all of you watching this will get you to flex with that guy next to you, or that guy a couple of rows away looking at you and stroking his hard cock, or even boys who can’t hold off, squirting massive squirts of hot Cum going everywhere!”

“So with no further waiting, let me introduce one of the biggest hottest, ripped blonde muscle boy ever”!! “Welcome Johnny Hardmuscle” 


Johnny Cums out wearing a tight t-shirt and red tight posing trunks, and you can see the huge girth of his massive getting fucking huge cock. He hugs Mr. Muscleflex and then does a double bicep flex. Even with that t-shirt on, his biceps are so fuckin huge in those sleeves. Fuck, his biceps start ripping those sleeves on that t-shirt, from such huge bicep peaks!! He then literally rips off the shirt showing off his smooth ripped hard pecs and his huge shoulders, traps, and of course his massive biceps. 

(Guys in the crowd scream “Fuck, you're gonna make me Cum” “Oh Fuck, I’m gonna Cum” “You’re a 19-year-old Cum squirting muscle God”)

Five 19-year-old ripped young men, most with huge cocks Cum on stage and go to Johnny, pulling his shorts off showing a jock with a huge cock almost pushing out of that jock. They start licking his double flexed biceps and they strip naked showing off their ripped hard bodies and huge cocks as they lick him. The 5 guys jacking as they lick his pecs, suck his huge cock. They take turns sucking his huge cock,  a guy on both sides of his erect thick cock, licking it up and down and kissing around the huge head of his gorgeous cock. All while Johnny is flexing and showing off as these 5 muscle boys lick, suck, and feel his hard huge muscles.

Then Mr.Muscleflex comes on stage.


“There is a lucky boy out there tonight. The boy with ticket number 4055 will Cum down onstage and join these boys licking and flexing and eventually squirting hot Cum with this awesome blonde Muscle boy. The boy with ticket 4055 Cum onstage”. 

This massive hot muscleboy wearing a skimpy tank top and a jock Cums to the stage. This boy is so fuckin hot!! He shows the ticket to Mr. Muscleflex.

“Congratulations!!! “What’s your name?  

“Billy”. “But everyone knows me as Billy Boner”!!  

Billy then pulls out his massive hard erect cock and (the crowd goes crazy). Fuck, his cock must be over 12”!!!

“Ok Billy, flex and lick Johnny and join those hot ripped boys”. He does and as they flex and lick, Mr. Muscleflex can’t hold off and joins them. He strips naked and flexes his 23” biceps and the blonde boy starts licking Mr. Muscleflex huge biceps as Billy and those 5 boys lick Johnny's amazing muscles. Then on the mic, he tells the audience: “I can hear all your moaning you hot muscle boys! Fuck, wait till you see this blonde boy Cum”  

Already Mr. Muscleflex can see in that huge crowd boys and men jacking their hard huge cocks, and some boys next to other muscle boys jacking, flexing, watching that hot blonde boy onstage, this blonde muscle boy pulls off his jock and his cock keeps growing and growing and growing. Fuck, his cock hard must be over 13 thick inches. Seeing this blonde boy's incredible muscles, some boys in this huge crowd can’t fuckin help it and hot geysers of Cum is squirting huge all thru that mass audience. 

Mr. Muscleflex:” Ok, every hot boy. You're all naked showing off your incredible muscle beauty, I want every boy here to stand up, do a double bicep flex. So I can see almost 3000 boys and men showing off”. 

The two big-screen monitors have everyone on camera, and as they all flex with boners, every boy can see all boys and themselves showing off. The hot blonde boy then really shows off his massive biceps and triceps as other young men are licking his pecs and his gorgeous perfect ass, (2 boys are licking that perfect ass as boys are sucking his massive cock) They are licking his legs, and his amazing bicep peaks.  Guys are also taking turns deep kissing this blonde boy, making his cock ready any second to explode with Cum on every boy licking him and kissing him. And he can’t hold off any longer. Massive streams of hot Cum explode out of his huge cock. And as he squirts so much fucking Cum, he sees all these boys watching him, Johnny can’t stop his huge cock that is exploding with so much Cum squirting and dripping and Mr.Muscleflex and the other boys servicing him are being covered in his muscle-building Cum.

Then Mr. Muscle flex announces: “Ok!!! Let me choose ten 18-year-old bodybuilders to the stage”. 

“I’m gonna look and choose which ones to Cum onstage with me”. 

Mr. Muscleflex points to the most ripped and the biggest for their age and size. They Cum onstage wearing posing trunks and Mr. Muscleflex lines them up next to that blonde boy and the massive boys with him.

The whole stadium of muscle boys said “OH fuck Yeah!!! All the men in the audience start chanting “we want huge muscle boys, we want Cum”. Over and over. “We want huge muscle boys, we want Cum”

Then, as they keep chanting, at least 10 huge massive muscle boys, or more, Cum onstage. They are so huge. They have at least 21” biceps. They Cum onstage wearing a jock or posing trunks and do a double bicep flex showing off so much size, huge veins, massive triceps.

Then Mr. Muscleflex asks the muscle boys to flex, and Mr. Muscleflex goes up to one of the massive boys, and then one by one he asks, “Do you like smaller biceps with incredible peaks, and triceps? 

HUGE MUSCLE BOY: “Oh fuck yeah, I get boned seeing those bicep peaks, and those smooth hot pecs and hard nips. The minute I start licking those pecs or biceps, on those young muscle men, FUCK, I squirt so much fuckin Cum, I love Cum dripping down his young cute face, his pecs, his biceps, and I will definitely lick every drop of hot Cum! Especially if Cum is dripping down his smaller bicep peaks and his rock hard growing pecs”. 

ANOTHER HUGE BOY: “Fuck, looking at them now, I’m ready to explode with hot Cum, but I’m gonna wait till I am licking them and even those muscleboys with hot Cum dripping down their pecs and biceps will make my cock squirt 10-20 feet covering so much muscle of those young muscle studs” Fuck, I can’t wait to lick it all off”!!!

Mr. Muscleflex: “Oh fuck yeah, I’ll be joining you” I get so boned and horned as fuck with young muscle boys especially the ripped, growing, huge muscle boys. I’m so fuckin pumped and horned, fuck I will join you in flexing as we lick and get hot cock, with their hard growing biceps and pecs for us to Cum and drench”. “Cum on you massive muscle men, lets fuckin drench these ripped huge young muscle boys in muscle building Cum”!!!


The crowd watches these gorgeous young muscle boys, as their huge massive muscle cocks explode with hot Cum squirting uncontrollably. Thousands of hot muscle boys in this massive crowd are licking other boys, feeling huge biceps, and licking biceps, pecs, and hard cocks, as Cum from over 2000 muscle boys are squirting fuckin everywhere.  

Mr. Muscleflex looks around seeing boy after hot boy in the crowd, flexing, showing off as they jack hard cock and squirting Cum!! Mr. Muscleflex squirts a huge geyser of Cum seeing so many hot muscle boys and men squirting hot Cum. Mr. Muscleflex seeing so much Cum squirting from almost 3000 hot boys and men, has made his cock squirt the biggest explosion of Cum from his huge cock, Ever!!!

Then Mr. Muscleflex says: “I love all of you. It's almost midnight and ready for 2022. “Are you ready”!! The crowd screams yes and at midnight, all the men are kissing other men, flexing for guys they wanted to be with,  guys hugging as men jack hard cocks exploding again. 


Mr. Muscleflex: “You were all great and have a great muscle building, muscle Cum, and perfect health New Year”!!! “Goodnite” Even though the show is over, for hours, thousands of boys are still flexing, showing off, licking, and squirting hot Cum on gorgeous muscle boys. 

All boys in the huge crowd put on their posing trunks and tank tops and head out. Mr. Muscleflex could see the smiles and the pumps on these boys as they leave proving that this event was a huge success and will definitely do it again next year.