When I tweeted this pic of Caesar from the Bad Boys Pool Party, I couldn't remember what year it was for sure:


So I dug into my files and confirmed it. Sure enough, my guess was right. Yep, the photo was shot 2005.

WTH is a Bad Boys Pool Party?

For those of you who aren't familiar, here's a brief history of BBPP.

I did this birthday party for myself and Dino DiMarco and Sam Dixon in March of ’98. And after that, I was talking to Mickey Skee and he was doing promotion for his Bad Boys of Video book. And I was in the book, and I thought some other guys in the book would make great bartenders. I said, ‘Hey, why not call it the Bad Boys Pool Party and promote Mickey’s book and the guys in the book?' And that became the hook of the party. And it evolved from that. The first party earned $8,300, and the second earned $10,600 [in HIV/AIDS fundraising efforts].

Will Clark, BBPP founder

WTF was I doing there?

Caesar had been asked to perform. Appear, really. Walk around nude and entertain. Absolutely my kind of party! EDITOR'S NOTE: Psst, Eddie! We should do a combo BBPP and Bodybuilder Jam one day, right?? –Ace

We were planning a solo video shoot for later that summer. Caesar thought that appearing at that year's Bad Boys Pool Party would be a great way to pre-promote the DVD. And, as his photographer partner, I attended to document his appearance.

That solo video was CAESAR'S HEAT:


Whew… I'm sweating now. Remembering being on location with him and the amazing mr.Pam while we were working on this. HOT!

An amazing treasure trove of images!

I dug around in my mixed-up files and found a number of photos from that day. Let me know if you'd like to see more…