Tom Prince was a bodybuilder who was born on February 14th, 1971. He was also known as Mike Jaggers.

Here he shows off his incredible body at age 25.

Tom Prince bodybuilder
3 weeks out from the 1997 Nationals

He has been featured in numerous magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men's Health, and more. His first major competition was the NPC Nationals contest in 1995. He won the Nationals title in 1997.

About that photo above of Tom Prince bodybuilder.

This pic of the amazing Tom Prince was taken approximately 3 weeks out of the 1997 Nationals. He was in Illinois guest posing with Jay Cutler for one of my best friends, IFBB Pro, Chuck Sanow. I had Chuck take a look at Tom and give me his opinion on what he thought of Tom in person. Chuck and I are both VERY old school and Chuck thinks along the same lines as I do when it comes to contest prep and where someone needs to be at a certain point in time. Several pics were overnighted to me the following Monday and I received them Tuesday morning. Chad Nicholls

In this video he talks about how he got started with bodybuilding and what it takes to build muscle mass.

I am not sure where to start when talking about my journey into bodybuilding. It all began at age 14. My father had just passed away and I was looking for something to fill my time. I found out about a local gym called Gold’s Gym in San Diego California. I went there and met up with some guys who were training there. They introduced me to the sport of bodybuilding. I was hooked!

His name was Tom Prince.

I started lifting weights and competing in shows. I won my first show at age 16. At 18 years old, I competed in my first Mr. Universe contest. I finished second place. That was the beginning of my career as a professional bodybuilder.

Tom Prince Bodybuilder was also Colt Model Mike Jaggers

A lot of people only know him from his bodybuilding competition days. Even many of his gay fans never knew he modeled for Jim French at Colt Studio.

Tom Prince was a friend of The Muscle Service Station in the years after he retired from bodybuilding. He spent time with many of the community members here. Though married, he was a solid ally to our community — even going so far as to have a rainbow flag tattoo on his inner wrist.