I've gotta hand it to the PR Fairies (remember them?). They've outdone themselves with this prose about Raging Stallion's “Ass to Grind” and leading man Jaxton Wheeler:

Jaxton Wheeler is an overwhelming column of muscle. His hair hangs in thick ebony curls, a heavy beard encircles his face, and thick, dark fur covers much of his body. Blond, tattooed Jaxon Colt watches, licking his lips in anticipation. Colt is already naked; Wheeler massages his hard on through a towel. Colt approaches to massage Wheeler's still-flexing muscles. They kiss. Colt's hard cock is long and heavy as he presses his lips to Wheeler's nipples. Wheeler drops his towel and pushes Colt's head down. Lying down on a table, Colt spreads his legs and offers himself to Wheeler's cock. Wheeler caresses Colt's flesh, then leans over to suck. Colt's breath comes in gasps, and he eagerly lowers himself onto Wheeler's waiting pole. Their intense fucking drives Wheeler's cock further and further inside Colt, until they can't stop themselves from unleashing huge loads.

“An overwhelming column of muscle” is a phrase that will be forever burned into my memory. Luckily, this clip will also always live in my memory–or, at least here on this site, should my memory need the room:

gay muscle porn