David Hunter Keay

This week, I chatted with UK bodybuilder David Hunter Keay – beefy builder with a juicy ass for days. (If I'm not mistaken, there is a drawing of him commissioned in Absolutbleu’s style. See below.) In our conversation, I learn how David grew that ass of his, deals with requests from fans, worked alongside Cillian Murphy, and almost became a Blue Blake Boy ready to be fucked by 12 other men in a fireman’s setting. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see that due to Blake’s passing but I’m sure it exists in a parallel universe where David would have demonstrated his various skills and assets. 😉 

Eddie V: How did you first get into fitness? What is your workout plan? Schedule?

David Hunter Keay: I first got into the gym in 2009 after an HORRENDOUS heartbreak. I lost so much weight I was down to 126lbs/57kg. I was in a pretty bad way. I needed to put some weight on, plus I wanted to look as good as the guy I was heartbroken over who was a mass of muscle …I wanted that too!

Eddie V: What would you say is your best feature? Are they your pecs or your beefy ass?

David Hunter Keay: My best feature is my ass followed by my chest! I had a paper round as a kid and the heavy cycling always put me in good preparation for my ass building.

Eddie V: How have you been able to keep in shape with Covid restrictions?

David Hunter Keay: I have been working out at home really well! I’ve been doing legs, walking lunges on my driveway, and back at the local park doing pull ups on the kids climbing frame …they all start crying when I turn up lol.

Eddie V: How important do you think social media is for today’s aspiring bodybuilders and beefy performers?

David Hunter Keay: It’s everything! I mean you can instantly show yourself off without the permission of ANYONE — for example an agent or talent scout — you are your own boss and you can do whatever it is you like to earn money!

Eddie V: Have you been approached and / or recognized in person? How was that like?

David Hunter Keay: I get approached loads of times at gay circuit parties in Europe and a few times where I live. But it’s great fun and I’ve met so many wonderful people. Let’s just say America has been VERY kind to me in supporting myself both financially and career wise.

Eddie V: Tell us about how you got into dancing for private parties? Where did the push to entertain others come from?

David Hunter Keay: I got into dancing at parties as I was unemployed and broke. I needed a job [on the] weekends but needed the week free to go to interviews so it was great money for weekend work. It was that good money. I was earning thousands of pounds a weekend. It turned out to be more lucrative than I ever imagined. Plus I met loads of hot straight drunk guys who always had a dabble with me!

David Hunter Keay

Eddie V: Was it easy to transition from performing for others to creating a profile on Only Fans / Just for Fans?

David Hunter Keay: Yes very easy! I had all the material ready to post! Plus I can easily run both at the same time and they both provide the material to run each other. It’s a win/win.

Eddie V: Have you considered working with a main porn studio?

David Hunter Keay: I was going to do a porn shoot years ago. My friend Blue Blake in London had a studio and was a big producer at the time. He had arranged for 12 firemen to line up and have their way with me, but sadly Blue died suddenly of a heart attack and that was the end of it all.

Eddie V: Who are some actors you would love to perform with?

David Hunter Keay: I would love to perform with Rob Diesel but he’s straight! After him I love Matthew Figata; that smooth tanned daddy ass is totally amazing!!

Eddie V: How quickly did you start to get followers? When did you notice you were successfully garnering fans?

David Hunter Keay: I was the original show your ass man on social media. I was seriously first at doing it all [those] years and years ago. So I got this mega big following on Facebook then it moved to everywhere else and America has been my biggest followers!

Eddie V: We are all about supporting each other here in similar interests. Any other young rising bodybuilders, pornstars, social media stars you love to follow?

David Hunter Keay: I love Bryan Hawn, his ass is beautiful!! I’d love to do some content with him.

Eddie V: What is something people may not know about you?

David Hunter Keay: I filmed a scene in Peaky Blinders and I was totally naked all day in a room with Cillian Murphy!

Eddie V: What’s a pet peeve of yours (something you hate people do)?

David Hunter Keay: I get fans who go into OVERDRIVE with their fetishes! They have to understand not everyone shares that fetish so repeatedly asking me to do something I get nothing out of really annoys me. One guy right now is pestering me to breastfeed a guy and another guy is obsessed with me wearing suit pants.

Eddie V: Where can people follow and reach you at?

David Hunter Keay: I’d love to have some [influx] of new followers on my Instagram, DAVIDHUNTERKEAY. And my best, naughtiest place is Twitter @DHKEAY!