Derek Bolt

That's the one and only Derek Bolt — one of my latest obsessions now that I'm active on Twitter and starting up the Muscle Service Station once again. Derek's Twitter is an inspiration–as you can see from the above photo. And I was inspired to seek out one of his performances: this time as a tailor. As the PR Fairies put it:

With a big shoot coming up, Sean Zevran pays a visit to his top-notch tailor, Derek Bolt. Of course, to get the most accurate fit, Sean must take everything off. Sean’s been making eyes at Derek since he walked in the door, and as soon as his pants come off, Sean’s massive cock begins to swell and rise. Derek goes in to measure Sean’s inseam, and with all that thick meat just hanging there in his face, Derek can’t resist getting a taste. Derek’s cock sucking skills are awe-inspiring as he makes Sean’s massive tool disappear down his throat. Sean thrusts his hips as Derek strips off his shirt. Spinning around in front of the mirror, Derek spreads his ass for Sean. Diving in tongue first, Sean lubes up Derek’s tight, pink hole with plenty of spit. Mounting Derek in doggy style, Sean beings to pound Derek’s hole with powerful thrusts. To feel Sean even deeper inside him, Derek braces himself against a table, encouraging Sean to let loose. Their muscles bulge and flex as they work up a sweat. When Sean reaches his climax, he pulls out and blows a huge load right on Derek’s muscular ass. Sean plays with Derek’s nipples, which sends him over the edge, shooting his thick, white load onto his stomach. They press their lips and bodies together, relishing the moment of spontaneous sexual release.

Sounds about right to me. Um, where is this tailor shop, by the way??

Let's look at the scene with Derek Bolt and Sean Zevran:

Need more? Check out the entire scene HERE!

How about a gallery to get you really ready for your next suit fitting?

I'm happy to be back and to have Derek to continue to inspire me.

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