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The PR Fairies want you to know the following about this scene:

Supervisor Spencer Reed calls AJ Irons into his office to give him a warning: if he doesn't step it up and show him what he's got, he's going to be fired. Irons takes his boss's warning literally and opens his dress pants to show his boss his fat Latin cock. Reed takes AJ's huge dick in his mouth before kicking back to get his thick tool serviced. Spencer, a hulking mound of muscle, overpowers AJ and throws him down on the desk to fuck him hard. The after-hours butt-fucking continues until Reed pulls out and sprays Irons with cum.

I'm learning so much! Who knew that Reed is a Latin name?

Anyway, here's the scene. And be sure to click on the image below it to get the BIG SAVINGS on a Hot House membership, while they last!

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