After taking a day off for Father's Day (hope you and your Daddy or boy — or both! — had a good one), I'm back with another great Erik Rhodes scene. This one is from's “Asylum” and pairs Erik with BigBeefXXX favorite, Leo Giamani. We've even got some real copy from the PR fairies:

Smuggled into the Asylum by Leo Giamani, undercover reporter Erik Rhodes is ready to dive into his investigation. But he hits a roadblock when the sexed-up janitor demands more than money to grease his palms; the risk he took sneaking Erik in dictates more compensation. Whether he wants to silence the hunky handyman or because he can't pass up the opportunity to go mano-a-mano with him, the intrepid reporter gives in. He begins to erase his debt by gobbling up Leo's cock with gusto. This quickly evolves into an intense sexual exercise with both men trading off topping and bottoming because Erik is the total pro who will go to any lengths to get to the bottom of the mystery … and the man.

Now, the all-too-brief clip (be sure to visit for more!):