Gosh, this photo says it all, don't ya think? If you agree, see more HERE!

If, on the other hand, you REALLY need to know what the PR fairies have to say–well, you know I'm not going to let you down:

Spencer Reed straddles his motorcycle, jacking off, in a secret place surrounded by rough wood slats and corrugated siding. He thinks he's alone, but there's another tribute to manhood, Kyle King, watching from a distance. The siding reflects the light – as shiny and unyielding as the spit covered cocks of the two bearded men eyeing each other. Kyle knows he's going to give it up to this rough-looking, meaty man with the almost frighteningly hard cock. Spencer pushes Kyle's head onto his cock with such rude strength that lips bash into groin again and again. The ramming tool rattles deep in Kyle's throat. He pulls off only to slaver more spit on Spencer's massive pole. Kyle wants it real slick when Spencer shoves it brutally up his ass. Kyle's never been so ferocious in his demand to be fucked, and Spencer takes every advantage. Spencer's broad highway of a cock stretches Kyle's ass as wide as a tunnel through a mountain-and you'll be amazed to see it staying open when Reed pulls out. Only to plunge deep and hard back inside, jabbing and grinding until the guy's engines are so overheated their hot cum sprays across their bodies.

Happy now? Okay, on to the SEX!

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