Erotic Muscle Art by AbsolutBleu

Today's featured artist is definitely one that has made more of an impression on muscle admirers than he knows. I had the absolute pleasure (no pun intended) in touching base with AbsolutBleu, an artist who you will recognize immediately! AbsolutBleu happily spoke with us on what pornstars come to mind when creating his art, how drawing porn yourself is a toy you will never break, and where the name AbsolutBleu came from. (A mystery finally solved for me)!

Eddie V: First off, where does your artist name AbsolutBleu come from? 

AbsolutBleu: Well, it’s kind of an odd story. During a psychology class in high school, our teacher was explaining the Kinsey scale on a colored map, where sexual attraction ranked from female oriented (pink/magenta) all the way to be completely male oriented (blue). I remember the expression being: you are bluer the more attracted you are to males, hence to me, it was AbsolutBleu.

Erotic Muscle Art by AbsolutBleu

Eddie V: Tell us how you came to practice your craft? Was the goal to always create sexy art or something else? Where did the interest start to want to create homoerotic art?

AbsolutBleu: Honestly, it was out of necessity. I was really precocious as a kid, and while all my peers could get pictures of naked girls easily, there was no way I could find pics of nude men, especially muscle men. I understood there was no way I could get that from the outside and I had to make my own. So, I started tracing comic books and magazines, it was the closest I could get to any porn at that time. Basically, I began drawing to create my first jerk off material. As time passed, I realized I didn’t need to trace anymore, that was one of the most exciting moments of my life! Like I had gotten a toy I could never break or get tired of. At first most of my stuff was fairly tame, just muscle guys posing and flexing, but hardcore came rather quickly, I think it was in my early teens. I was making completely straight stuff, mostly to please the kids at school and their requests, but then I tried drawing 2 guys together and it just clicked, never looked back. 

Erotic Muscle Art by AbsolutBleu

Eddie V: Most of your art is about muscular men (which we clearly love) getting fucked, sucked or getting their pecs/nipples pleased! Are there any real life inspirations and stories to those designs?

AbsolutBleu: Not really sure. I was surrounded by bodybuilders since I was kid, and I remember being completely obsessed with a kind of duality about them. I think I have weird associations with muscle groups; especially the pectorals. Just like big arms can make a person look aggressive or a wide back make you look more authoritative; to me the chest shows that gentler side of muscle, it can be hard as a rock and then turn soft and sensitive when it’s allowed to relax, and can’t hide any sign of arousal. I think that’s what inspired me, to show the bodies of these muscle guys being tough, yet soft and sensual at the same time.

Erotic Muscle Art by AbsolutBleu

Eddie V: The previous answer may lead into my next one but who are some of your favorite bodybuilders, athletes and/ or pornstars? Have any inspired any characters in your designs?

AbsolutBleu: A lot of them actually. I love most of the golden age bodybuilders (Bob Paris, Frank Sepe, Franco Columbu, Arnold Schwarzenegger). And muscular pornstars that love bottoming like Caesar, Tom Katt, Erik Rhodes and Tony Acosta. Some of my characters are homages to real life friends though, some in their personalities or traits.

Eddie V: What is your favorite fantasy that you have drawn to date? Favorite pic?

AbsolutBleu: I think it’s the merman/pirate pairing. I’ve been obsessed with mermen and water since I was a kid. I remember reading once merfolk are a very erotic figure in the subconscious; the brave sailor harpooning the trashing wet muscle beast definitely resonated with me.

Erotic Muscle Art by AbsolutBleu

Eddie V: When did you start finding out you had fans following your artwork? Any messages from fans that have stood out to you?

AbsolutBleu: It was a real shocker. I first posted my work at an obscure yaoi forum, and the response was mostly positive. Up until that point, I had only drawn for myself so it was really encouraging to feel my work appreciated. I remember a comment from a fan that went to become a close friend but has now passed away. He told me enjoyed my work because it felt like Disney for adults, bright and happy, all the characters enjoying being themselves and their sexuality. 

Eddie V: I believe I read somewhere that you have lost some of your artwork. What happened there?

AbsolutBleu: When I moved out of my parent’s house, I left most of my older works on my pc. That machine got ruined during the moving with all the works I had in it. I’ve been trying to compile some of my old pieces when I see them floating around the net. Now I always keep 2 backups for all my works.

Eddie V: We are all about supporting each other here in similar interests. Any other artist you love to follow?

AbsolutBleu: Yes, there are so many of them! Fallen Messiah and Cray were the first artists I saw making the kind of stuff I loved and I obsessed over their work. Tom of Finland and Masanori too, I think they are masters of this genre. Right now, I enjoy following the works of DizDoods, Exceso, WideBros, Rokudenashi, Patrick Fillon and SilverJow. I know there are a lot more but these are on the top of my head.

Eddie V: How often do you produce new content? 

AbsolutBleu: I’m not sure. I aim to finish at least 6 or 7 pieces per month, both for Patreons or private commissions. It mostly depends on my workload and how inspired I am in that moment.

Eddie V: Is there a project you’ve been working on you cannot wait to complete? What is new for 2021?

AbsolutBleu: Yeah, I’ve been trying to learn a bit of animation. I’m especially interested in the exaggerated proportions and movements of old cartoons like Animaniacs or Pinky and The Brain, so that’s something I’d like to try for this year.

Eddie V: Where can people follow and reach you? Do you commission artwork and how much would that be?

AbsolutBleu: My twitter is @Bleuboys and my Instagram is @absolutblue_boys

Currently most of my pieces are available at my patreon page.

I do take commissioned pieces but I don’t have a set rate. I prefer to talk to the client and hear their ideas and time frame first, so I can give them an accurate amount, it depends on how complex and detailed they’d like their artwork to be.