We know he needs no introduction at all. Just want you to know Peter Latz is still active, at least behind the scenes as an escort on Rent.men. Peter Latz is someone who fits the profile perfectly of who we love at Muscle Service. He prioritizes getting jacked and shredded and above all, loves to show off his hard-earned muscles. 

The first time I laid my eyes on him was probably in Blue Blake's. Strongman Solo Series. Vol. 1. Sadly, there weren’t any other Series following this one but the lineup was great to keep me wanting more. While it was a solo scene, he kept me glued to the screen, and have gone back to see his scenes more times than I can remember. 

In the early 2000s, he dominated the muscle worship scene having worked with sites like Jimmy Z Productions, Smoking Hunks, Mission 4 Muscle, Manifest Men, Jock Butt, Muscle-Worship, Muscle Hunks and I am sure so many others. 

What I do love about Peter Latz though is that he is a pro competing bodybuilder placing high in many competitions. I can share what I believe is his birth name, under which he competes but I'll let you guys find that out for yourselves. It was fun to check out interviews he’s had with prestigious bodybuilding channels like Muscular Development. 


Like I said, Peter is still available as an escort. We’ve mentioned it before but his most recent review was listed on Feb 15th, 2023! Glad to know it was not only a very recent post but possibly someone’s Valentine’s Day Treat. 

“MUSCLE GOD & ******* BODYBUILDER! Incredible shape! Pictures very accurate, Alpha Male, I’m back gentlemen! Good looking, masculine, educated, well traveled with great manners. I am into Muscle worship Gentleman! ? I am 37 5″8 190lbs 7.5 bodyfat. I workout 6-7 days a week and take the gym serious. I have won several titles in bodybuilding. ? Love to have admirers and serious men who appreciate my physique and the hard work I put into it! also, do Skype muscle shows. Message me for my Skype screen-name and come say hi. I am also available for overnights and weekend travel. Hope to see you soon gentleman ?”

Personally, I always thought he seemed to very much enjoy the muscle worship aspect of being a bodybuilder as he clearly loved to show off I hope he is enjoying it all to the day. Maybe this is my chance to see a muscle-worship-loving bodybuilder up close and in action.